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When Happens When Your Dreams Get Shattered?

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When you are young,your dream of being someone and making something of your life. You want be rich, famous, help the poor, and rule the world. What hapenns when your dreams get shattered. you're not rich and famous, you're not ruling the world, and you become the poor person that needs the aod. Have u ever thought of that?

When you are walking by and homeless person asks for your spare change, do u have give it-or prented like you didn't hear them? I never understood why many people can spend $150 on a pair shoes and refuse to give a DOLLAR to a person who really needs it.

Within the past few years. there has been a major increase in the number of homeless people, both somalia and other african neighborhoods where somalina ppl run away after the civil war. In state of MOmbaaso only there are 16,000 people who are homelss superised? Well, sixty precent are families, and the number of homeless children is increasing -881% since 1991.

I had a chance to go back my Country after My family and I run away for the civil war problems, when I left my country I was only 6 yrs old who does not know my country well any way 2 months ago I went back my country. I felt guilty when I saw a 10 yrs old boy who told me that he does not have nothing to eat and no home to sleep tonite, and also he told me that he lost his dad and his mom over the civil war and I asked him how can he survive without dad and mom? Then he told us that he do some :SHAXAAD" at that time I was walking with my cousin then I cried and the boy asked me why I cried I told him deeply voice him that I want help him so if can come with me so I can give him something to eat, then he said yes. Finally my cousin and I took him to my cousin's house which is where me and my were staying fot our visit. Right now that boy he is like my brother I call him every weekend And he's stilling living with my cousin.

Finally My fewllow teenegers who living a good lives I would like to tell u one while we spending our money some meanlles, there is ppl who needs that money and are thankful for u what u doing to them. Please try to help others who needs u anyway that u can help them.

I am just graduated from HS this year and I want try to help other's whoo needs me and You 2 can help them brother's and sisters....If you are intersted to donate anything food, money clothes , or your spare time to help volunteer, and possibly make a differnce in someones life please do so you'll never know who good is to help others who needs you until you help them.


Thanks and be someone! smile.gif

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