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Hargaysa: Riyaale junta sentences journalist to 5 months

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Somalia: Somaliland editor sentenced to five months in jail

18 Mar 18, 2009 - 2:12:14 PM


HARGEISA, Somalia Mar 18 (Garowe Online) - The editor of an independent newspaper in Somalia's breakaway republic of Somaliland has been sentenced to five months in jail, Radio Garowe reports.


Mr. Mohamed Abdi "Urad," editor of the Yool weekly newspaper, was arrested by police on Feb. 27 in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.


In court, Mr. Urad was charged with operating an "illegal newspaper" and "publishing false reports" by the attorney-general, our correspondent reported.


Furthr, the Yool newspaper has been ordered to shut down.


Relatives of Mr. Urad called the sentence unfair and demanded an appeal.


Mr. Urad is well-known in Somaliland journalism circles, as he once served as the editor of the independently-owned Jamhuuriya daily newspaper.


Somaliland's government has tough restrictions against the free press, including a complete ban on independent radio stations.


However, newspapers and Websites operate freely in the breakaway region as source of independent reporting.


Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 but has not been recognized internationally.

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Maxkamadda Hargaysa Oo Xadhig 5 Bilood Ah Ku Xukuntay Tifaftiraha Wargayska Yool

March 17th, 2009


Hargaysa ( Maxkamadda gobolka Hargaysa ayaa maanta 5 bilood oo xadhiga ku xukuntay tifaftiraha Wargayska Yool ee ka soo baxa magaalada Hargaysa Maxamed Cabdi Curad, kaas oo muddo 20 maalmood ah ku xidhnaa xarunta CID-da ee magaalada Hargaysa.


Tifaftiraha Wargayska Yool Maxamed Cabdi Curad waxa lagu eedeeyay in uu soo saaray wargays aan sharciyaysnayn iyo in uu qoray war been abuur ah, taas oo ay ku soo eedaysay xeer ilaalinta gobolka Hargaysa.


Xeer ilaalinta gobolka Hargaysa ayaa la sheegay in ay hor-joogsatay in ehelada Suxufigani ay bixiyaan qiimaha xadhigiisa lagu xukumay, waxanay sheegeen in ay ambiil ka qaadanayaan xukunka lagu riday Maxamed Cabdi Curad.


Axmed Maxamed Saleebaan (Dhugfe)

E-mail:, Hargaysa.

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Editor of Somaliland’s Yool paper sentenced to 5 months

18 March 2009 | News | Tags: Press Freedom, Somaliland


Hargeisa (Somaliland Globe) — The Hargeisa Regional Court has sentenced Mr Mohamed Abdi Guled (Curad), the editor of Yool daily paper, to 5 months in jail for running “an unregistered” newspaper and printing what the prosecutor called a “fabricated information”, a politically loaded term that often refers to publicizing information that is critical of government officials.


The case against Mr Curad rests on an article printed on Yool under the title “The truth about planned covert assassinations against national leaders“.


Mr Curad, has been in custody for more than 3 weeks at the CID prison in Hargeisa. Attempts to release him on bail failed after the prosecution objected. In Somaliland it is extremely unlikely for a judge to grant bail without the government prosecution also agreeing to it.


Despite the constitutional guarantees, the press freedom in Somaliland has been severely eroded by the numerous arrests of reporters on flimsy cases.

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^^^Its as fake as Shankaroon and Riyaales's fake money.


But secessionist will turn a blind eye, only Siyad Barre use to arrest people, oops Riyaale was the one doing the arresting back in those days now he has others doing it.

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