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Che -Guevara

Good Move-Ilkajir, Nuridiin and Saleebaan turn down Cabinet Positions

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Originally posted by Che -Guevara:



Three problems facing Puntland are lack of political equity among member clans, the elite old guard passing baton to each other, and the obvious social/security/economic problems. [/QB]

Exactly, you've easily identified the three main problems. And you can in fact influence a political reform without the need to join the administration. In Puntland, the urge has always been a violent one, starting from Jama A Jama and Ade Muse. And Farole was very ambitious, power-hungary and shrewd to adopt a similar strategy betting on the significance of disrupting peace in the capital. State functionaries had to employ their sub-clannish militia for protection. The root cause is that we have yet to form the multi- party political system and a popular vote that can peacefully transfer power in a democratic process.


The cabinet posts offered are rightly rejected and considered to be "transitory" and a trap to say the least that is the reason the likes of Saleeban turned it down. Farole can reshuffle his cabinet anytime as did by Ade throughout his term. So what is the point of being part of an administration you know is likely to be tainted by the tendencies inherent in the spoils system. So far, Farole has selected 12 out of 17 from his sub-clan, most likely loyalists.Only fairness, justice, consideration can sustain tangible progress and peace Therefore, as a long time advocate of local level of administration, I know reer Sanaag or Sool won't take the path taken by Ade and Farole or get to reform Puntland through voilent methods. They should instead work to implement the Makhir idea and plan to build an atmosphere of peace, economic trade and military ties with their brethrens and neighbors.

The biggest obstacle as the naysayers of Makhir proclaim is the absence of key installations inherited from the last regime --like seaport. This objection is ludicrous and more could be lost than gained with the option of sustaining the current power configuration of Puntland.


I don't know how long it takes them to realize the need for such a change.

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It was a bad move taken by Nuradin and Saleban. They agreed to work with the man to begin with and later back tracked and refused. Faroole is what we have and they should work with him regardless of his past. I am hopeful and optimistic about the future of PL. And believe this guy can still deliver despite his past and shortcomings.

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