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Somaliland clan envoy land in Bossaso????

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For all Somalis as the E-Passport is exclusive for Somali nationals, Somali ethnics and naturalised citizens from other countries only, but travel-documents can be extented to aliens as well.


They must be resident in Somalia and it doesn't matter where they were born. Ethiopian-Somalis or Kenyan-Somalis can get the passport as well but they have to proove only that they are ethnic Somalis.


All ethnic Somalis can get a E-Passport.

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BOOSAASO: Odayaal iyo Siyaasiyiin ka socda Somaliland oo gaaray Puntland ?



Oddweyne we truely got the piture that your writting style is impressing ....


the Question is if this is true ,,,, what are you can do about it better yet what will Riyal admin do

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The simplicity of the matter is that it is true that influential clan men and follow Burcaawis of Oodweyne are today in Bosaso drinking and sipping on tea provided through Puntland hospitality.


Remember no one said that they will provide the TFG a foothold in Burco but that they're going to discuss with Puntland officials on how to help the TFG getting a foothold in Burco and set up a E-Passport office along as well. Lol (Seems everyone wants a E-Passport nowadays, who could blame them? Certainly not me.)


Nothing is definite adeer and no one said that it will occur or happen but that they're there and soon they will come down to Garoowe for further discussions.


So let me ask you once again, What is their mission/objective supposed to be? They surely can't be on a mere holiday vacation, or can they be?


Just think of it a little harder before you jump right away into hot water and getting all worked up and emotional. Take your time, this people are there and surely they're not there for no apprent reason, they must have an objective otherwise they would not be guests of Puntland State of Somalia, understand?


As to their objectives nobody can know now if they will be successful or coming into fruition or not, so calm down. Nothing has happpened yet.


So you should not be fearful inshallah, just relax for a moment.


Breath in, Breath out


And once again:


Breath in and then Breath out again


^This should help, everytime you feel fearful/frightened and all worked up remember to do that inshallah as it will help you a lot, no doubt. Lol

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^So no one came to collect their E-Passports, disappointing to say the least. So why are those men there if they know that the regime in Hargeisa won't allow for what they set out to achieve, doesn't it show, that they're acting on their own initiative, self-reliant and independent from the authorities that claim to represent them?


I eagerly await your answer.


On the other hand, do you know and realise that we don't see you much of a threat both in military and political terms?


Adeer the road to laascaaood is paved and without obsticles, so as you brag about 'manly balls', why don't you close down the mysterious border?


Aricadeeye has been vacated and there's no one from the Puntland side, so what is stopping and hindering you as it seems a good political and military oppotunity that cannot be missed?


Tell me, I eagerly await your answer of why the 30.000 strong army of liberators took more than two years to close down a non-existing border and still going with no apprent success.


Adeer we're grown up men both of us and no one can fool the other, so live your dream I say, as it will soon burst inshallah.


You know to why your folks hate us and that is because they have a wrong perception that everytime we stand between their 'success', history-making and on their 'way to glory', but soon inshallah the matter will be settled and SSC will certainly not join you so dream on, I say. Afterall it is about clans or is it not? Remember we're the so-called 'defeated lot' of yesterday, nothing has changed.


Argue with the above inshallah and please include everything minus your day-dreams, understand?


I shall eagerly await your reply inshallah.

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You guys are all ****** qabilist. Get a life and fear Allah, instead of wasting your time, North and South, ***** and ******, and other nonsense shitt. We all somalis from one country with one religion, let's see ourselves as ONE.

The minute die, nobody from our qabiil will help but God. Please Is Xisaabiya inta aan Leydin Xisabin.

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