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Dr Ligle

Puntland How Green Are You?

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Dr Ligle   

It is funny how people assume puntland siiba bari, nugaal, mudug is just barren land with no life in it.


Firstly, Puntland is majority semi arid desert and thank god for that because we are going to make billions out of that, just like the saudis did!!!


Secondly not all puntland is semi-arid. That is usually what the ignorant say. Ok i am going to present my evidence below. I will constrain myself to stick with bari, mudug, and nugaal. Because we all know sanaag which is our land also is very lush and green and don't say sanaag is sland because i can show u statistic that sland have only 7% population in sanaag and they are isolated to the desert land of sanaag not calmadow mountains!!!


But anyways lets get the show rolling!!!!


1.Dhuudo(beyla region) Bari



2. Dhuudo again



3. Tuulada karin nice lake and greenery.



4. Eyl, Nugaal



5. Eyl River system



6. Qaw Bari



7. Tuulada Roox Mudug



8.Tuulada Roox Lake


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Dr Ligle   

9. Biyo Kulule Bari



10.Tuulada Xiddo Bari



11.Tulada Meeladeen



12. Yalho Bari



13 Geesaley Bari



14. Durdurka Laak Bari



15. Xeebta tuuLada xaabo Bari. Talk About Tourism. Gara'ad, hafun, bayla, and all the tuulos along the coast have this sort of beautiful landscape.Tourists love this so of land.



Qardho also farms and rivers. om/watch?v=M2gFnRPNK 4U


Well i guess you guys get the picture now, i can keep on posting till i scroll the page, but it is pointless. Puntland is semi-arid land on a majority but 100%, it has some very lovely tropical, agricultural, lakes, and river-beds.


So i hope i put that myth down into the garbage bin. Secondly i want to challenge the weather myth in another thread next time with meteorological data.


I know for fact qardho and garowe are not hot places. Even the name qardho speaks for itself lol, it even snowed there a few times.


Anyways that is for another day and time to dispell weather myth, but know that puntland is not barren place, it is not as green as the south i know that. But it is ok for our communities what we have. And the calmadow mountains of makhir and that beautiful agriculture scene all somalis know and that land is apart of puntland administration and controlled by puntland.


So our agriculture sector is there, it is nowhere as near big as the south nor do i want it to be, because i want the oil first not agriculture. Needless to say we do have our nice oasis and that will just do fine 4 me!!! :D

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Beautiful pics. Does anybody have a pic of Xasbahalle? I heard a lot about that place.


Yeah it might not be green but that is not a worry our farms country wide are enough to feed the whole nation (I mean whole of Soomaaliya when i say nation).

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Depending on the season most regions in somalia are are like this, i would like to see photos of those areas in the dry season. even the dry up north has sections such as the sanaag region which are nearly green all year around, nothing special there

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