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China gives financial aid to the TFG of Somalia....

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The ambassdor of China to Kenya's capital Nairobi has past on a check of $100000 to the head of the TFG His Excellency Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad. They promised that their finacial help will not finish there but that they've got more in store for the TFG in order to help their long friend Somalia.


They also reliefed Somalia of $350 Billion of debt and they said that they want to continue the long friendship with Somalia and help the Somali people.


Jowhar: DFKGS oo deeq lacageed ka guddoontay dawladda Shiinaha & Madaxwaynaha Soomaaliya oo casumaad ka helay madaxwaynaha Shiinaha.


- Monday, December 26, 2005 at 14:27


Jowhar(AllPuntland)-Magaalada Jowhar waxaa ka dhacay maanta kulan ay kasoo qayb galeen madaxwaynaha Soomaaliya Md: C/laahi Yuusuf , raysulwasaaraha Soomaaliya Cali Maxamed Geeddi iyo safiirka Shiinaha u fadhiya Kenya Mr: Chu Chiang .


Kulankan ayaa safiirka Shiinaha ee Kenya uu dawladda Federaalka ku guddoonsiiyay deeq ka timid dawladda Shiinaha oo gaaraysay $100,000 oo doollarka Maraykanka , lacagtaasi oo Jeeg ahaan loogu dhiibay madaxwaynaha DFKGS.


Mr: Chu Chiang ayaa sheegay in dawladda Soomaaliya iyo Shiinaha ay boorka ka jafayaan xiriirkii horay uga dhaxayn jiray iyo mashaariicdii uu dalka Soomaaliya ka fulin jiray Shiinuhu .


Wuxuu safiirku caddeeyay in dawladda Shiinuhu ay Soomaaliya ka cafisay lacag dayn ah oo gaaraysa 350 Malyan oo lacagta Shiinaha ah oo lagu lahaa tan iyo 1963dii , lacagtan la cafiyay ayaa qayb ka ah lacag gaaraysa 500 oo Malyan oo lacagta Shiinaha ah oo lagu lahaa Soomaaliya.


Madaxwaynaha DFKGS Md: C/laahi Yuusuf Axmed ayaa mahad ballaaran usoo jeediyay dawladda Shiinaha wuxuuna sheegay in dadaalkaasi uu ahaa mid ay horay uga filayeen , wuxuuna tilmaamay in gar gaarka laga sugayo dawladda Shiinaha uu intaasi kasii badan yahay.


Madaxwaynuhu wuxuu sheegay in labada dal ee Shiinaha iyo Soomaaliya ay yihiin laba dal oo isku baahan in badanna soo wada ahaa saaxiibbo wanaagsan , wuxuuna madaxwayuhu ku tilmaamay wax lagu farxo in masuul ka tirsan mid kamid ah dawladaha ugu awoodda roon caalamka uu Soomaaliya yimaado.


Raysulwasaaraha Soomaaliya Cali Maxamed Geeddi ayaa asaguna tilmaamay tallaabada ay qaadeen Shiinuhu inay tahay mid ku dayasho mudan asagoo ka codsaday beesha caalamka inay raacaan tallaabada ay shiinuhu qaadeen oo ah caawinta dalka Soomaaliya.


Wafdigii Chu Chiang ayaa maanta u duulay magaalada Nairobi ee dalka Kenya ayadoo halkaasi uu ku sii sagootiyay raysulwasaarahya Soomaaliya Cali Maxamed Geeddi.


CCC Farayaamo



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China Provides 6 Million Dollars Economic Aid to Somalia



More Photos: Here


2005-12-27 4:51:39


Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Guo Chongli, on behalf of the Chinese government on Monday signed several agreements with Somali President Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed, providing over 6 million US dollars economic aid to Somalia.


According to the agreements, the Chinese government will provide a grant of 50 million Yuan (about 6.3 million US dollars) to the Somali government, and the grant shall be utilized to finance provision of goods or projects to be agreed upon through consultations between the governments of the two countries.


"With the signing of the agreement, the Chinese government wants to express strong support for the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, and to further develop friendly relations and economic and technical cooperation between the two countries," said Guo.


With a view to demonstrating the support of the Chinese government to the Somali government, and further enhancing the existing Sino-Somali friendly relationship, the Chinese government has also granted 100,000 US dollars in cash to the Somali government.


Another accord is about the grant from the China Charity Federation, which donated 250,000 dollars to demonstrate the sympathy and support of the Chinese people to the Somali people on the great loss suffered from the tsunami disaster.


Yusuf appreciated the help provided by the Chinese government to Somalia, and he called on the Somali people to make peace a reality in the whole nation, and to rebuild the Horn of Africa nation after its 14 years civil war.


Guo also conveyed the invitation from Chinese President Hu Jintao to Yusuf to attend the first summit of "China-Africa Cooperation Forum" to be held in China next year.


Somalia has been without a central government since clan based warlords overthrew Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Warlords then turned on each other, plunging the country into chaos.


Last year, Somalia's parliament and government were formed after two years of peace talks, and for security reasons, they were relocated from Kenya in June to the temporary base of Jowhar, 90 km north of the capital Mogadishu.


Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi said the government is planning to relocate to Mogadishu within three to six months, as long as the security situation allowed it to do so.


(Source: Xinhua)

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They also reliefed Somalia of $350 Billion of debt and they said that they want to continue the long friendship with Somalia and help the Somali people.

What? 350 billion? Waxaas xataa Bush regime's deficit ma gaarin wali. Intee noo cadaabee.




Dowladeena xataa magan alla, magan rasuul ee ku jirtaa hadii $100,000 ee wax weyn u maleyso. cheesy.gif Koleey hal doolar check-kaas ka baxay maati dhibaateysan wax loogu qabanaayo ma u maleyn dooni.


A whole society tuugsaneyso, from madaxweyne to average madaxyare at the street. Eebboow Soomaali u naxariiso.

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Can we lease Somalia (or what remains of it) off to the Chinese? Something like the 99-year lease of Hong Kong to the British. Just look at how well Hong Kong turned out. Given the awesome military and economic power of the Chinese, the strategic and politically sensitive location of Somalia, this is a marriage made in heaven really. What say you guys? Would this work? We could benefit immensely from such a union. For one thing, the Chinese aren't religious in any sense so they wouldn't really care what we practice. If I were the TFG, I'd woo the Chinese into pumping money and a military presence into Somalia. Rebuild the infrastructure, eliminate the warlords, use the country and its vast land and shores for manufacturing (with an abundant, albeit illiterate, workforce) and everything would be hunky-dory. No?

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Shiinaha oo shaaca ka qaaday mowqifkiisa Somalia

Jowhar-27.December.2005 Dowladda dalka Shiinaha ayaa shaaca ka qaaday mowqifkeeda ku aadan dalka Somalia gaar ahaan dowladda Federaalka kmg ee



Safiirka dalka Shiinaha u fadhiya Kenya Chu Chowli oo shir jaraa’id ku qabtay magaalada Jowhar ka hor intuusan ka ambabixin ayuu wuxuu shaaca ka qaaday mowqifka dowladdiisu uu ka taagan yahay dowladda federaalka kmg ee Somalia.


Mr. Chowli wuxuu sheegay in dalka Shiinaha uu weligiis saaxiib la aha dalka Somalia isla markaana uu diyaar u yahay inuu sii wado saaxiibtimada.


Gaar ahaan ayuu yiri dowladda dalka Shiinaha waxay taageersan tahay dowladda federaalka isla markaasina ay la garab taagan tahay taageero dhinac walba leh.


Mr. Chowli wuxuu sheegay in dowladda Shiinaha ay diyaar la tahay inay mashaariic tira badan oo horumarineed ay ka hirgelin doonto guud ahaan dalka Somalia.


Safiirku wuxuu kaloo sheegay in ay rajaynayaan in dhinacyada dowladda ee kala tagsan ay isku yimaadaan oo ay mideeyaan fikirkooda si markaasi ay uga wada qaybqaataan ayuu yiri dib u dhiska dalkooda.



Axmed Xasan Mahad

SBC Jowhar

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There are big differences China and West. When Puntland gave the oil contracts unknown Australia Company, I was surprise, why not china?. The west are not willing to invest Somalia in the present situation, China will and they already invested Sudan, in the frontline between rebels and Government. Sudan makes 200 million, enough for that countries government, in fact they donated money for Somalia through Arab league. China is not afraid, they support current government and they can do the job with no time. Government needs income; no time should be wasted to bring China in Somalia with all fields.

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