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What went wrong btw Omar Sharma'arke and President Shariif?

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Originally posted by NASSIR:

^^Ngonge, u didn't see the qualifier term, "probably" I used. So it must be verified with other sources,
and Maaddeey didn't do it.


You right that both leaders failed to preside over a country in ruin.

What do you mean by that?, I don't know what you wanted me to do, waxaan kuu sheegayaa inaanan wax aanan hubin soo gelinin meesha, ra'yi waan ku qaldami karaa lakin dhacdooyinka waan iska hubiyaa and his departure was so predicted haddii aad la socotay wixii ka dhacaayey Xamar usbuucii u dambeeyey!.

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Adeer it is good that Inna Sharmarke have resigned peacefully and without much of a fuss. Shariif Ahmed have learn't from his old mistake of 'Aryaa Xilki waa kaqaaday' and made some arrangement of some sort with the PM and reached an agreement with him.


Omar decided to leave and I praise that move. After his departure I hope Mogadishu gets better sooner than we anticipate.

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