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To: Southners....Somaliland people had overwhelmly voted 97% to statehood.

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Some ppl here do seem to invest thier time on the issue of somaliland, and promate hatrate iyo huuuhaaa, iyo beri baan laf lahaa :D


Following the post-conflict revival of Somaliland, the goal of the Somaliland people has moved from basic survival to securing a better life on a sustainable basis.


Somaliland has clear and precise goals;


. Accelerate economic growth to achieve higher per capita income


. Increase employment opportunities and thereby reduce unemployment and under employment


. Improve the availability and accessibility of social services and public utilities.


. Ensure an equitable distribution of investment


. Train and retrain the labour force to enable them to acquire marketable skills


five priority areas have been identified for education. They are as follows:


. Formal primary education for children aged between 6 to 14 years old.


. Non-formal and vocational education for out-of-school youth.


. Secondary education


. Peace and civic education through formal and non-formal education channels.


. Increase of number of Universities. Amoud, Hargeysa and Togdheer universities,


Now we have no time to reply to someone blinded by tribilism and hatrate under the name of somalinimo. Move on for allah sake as we have clearly done so.


We wish you the best of luck to get ppl back to your ghost towns.

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"The only thing I can think of is Sheikh and Boorame schools"


There were five main schools in the country


1.Amoud School, later converted to University

2.Sheikh school, still running.

3.Dayaxa school, no longer running.

4.technical institute of Burco; Germans built in 1920, still running.

5.School of Agriculture in Erigavo.



Nimanbaa maroodiga hunduda haamahuu sida'e

Hayinnimo kolkii lagu arkay haraga saareene

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