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Somalia: National Flag Day 12 October 1954

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Jacaylbaro;982138 wrote:
I welcome anything that draws the line between Somaliland and Somalia ...... This is one of them


Have special events/occasions for the damn flag that is far from Somaliland ... This is a good news and progress for Somaliland.

This same 'damn' flag waa kan biilkaaga bixiyo in the name of hay'ado aad lacag ku cuntid, oo mar aad Xamar badar u doonatid iyo mar aad Nayroobi badar u doonatid for training. Those international NGO in the name of Soomaaliya and this beautiful flag ayee mishaarkaaga ku bixinaayaan.


Talk about biting the hand that feeds.


And this beautiful flag waa kii Hargeysa laga suray '60, the one you used to claim you created. It is the same one gobolada Waqooyi qaarkood ka suran today and soon dhamaantood laga wada suri doonaa, as it were.

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You are talking about 50 years ago sxb .. the same calan Hargeysa la sudhay in 1960 has not been there for the last 22 years ..... wake up


About the NGOs ,,, Iyagaa wax ku cuna oo biilkooda ku bixiya what i get is my rightful share and without even any flag aan ku heli lahaa ... Caadi iska dhig duqa

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