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Johnny B

Puntland eggs

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First of all Walaal Samurai Warrior you have raised some valid points regarding the situation in Puntland particularily but also Somalia as a whole.


The situation is not hundred percent stable but wouldn't you agree that however the situation that we're slowly approaching a new era of development and transperancy with the newly administration that is currently in power?


Nothing is perfect and I wasn't certainly applying that Puntland hasn't got major problems to tackle in order to fight all the ills within its borders.


You've certainly misunderstood where I was coming from. Puntland has major problems in all the institution they set up. There is wide-spread corruption and bribery going on. People working with the administration and security services aren't paid their salaries timely and when it is due to be paid resulting in bad managment and chaos.


Every society has got its challenges and as a person living in modern day Britain I can see that not even so-called advanced and developed countries are facing the same challenges that we're facing back home altough it could be argued in a smaller scale than ours. But the problems remain the same.


We need strong leadership and cooridnation between the different state-institutions of the Puntland State of Somalia. You already said that you're hopeful for the future because of the young and educated talent emerging in the political scene of Puntland.


Many have returned to become MP's or to work for the Government and in Non-Govermental Private instituitions.


We've to link this two together namely the state officials with the civil-society group in order to establish a healthy and frank relationship that will ultimatly result in the betterment of our people and democratic instutions that we build.


Puntland has been established as an example for the rest of Somalia and I certainly believe that they will become a leading model of peace, prosperty and social development.


The ideas behind the autonoums region of Puntland was to become a haven for all the visionary Somali nationlists who have been waiting for Somalia to emerge from its shadow non-existing self-destruction. Puntland was created for Somalia and nothing else.


The noble idea of Puntland was to fight and establish a new Federative Somalia. It still remains the one primary goal of Puntland to help this new governement succeed.


Puntland was against Arta because Arta was against the ideal of federalism which Puntland perceived to be the only legitimate solution to the problem of Somalia.


People say that the idea behind Puntland the foundation of Puntland was merely due to the wishes of its people to be able after a successful peace agreement to flock back again to the fertile south and to escape the "hell-hole" they're living in.


This is totally a wrong hypothesis stated by many including SOL'S Tolstoy who argues that the people of Puntland only wish to return to the south that's why they're supporting "a large-scale" military invasion into the south of Somalia.


He with the many who hold the same arguments as him are truely blinded by what they're seeing.


The foundation of Puntland was not an accident and the father's who laid the foundation of this young, forward-looking and visionary state-model of Somalia are only aware of this. It took the Puntland "fathers" many years to come up with this core ideology. The ideology being to strive/strike with any cost material and human-blood to see the establishment of a new Somalia under federalism and a new government that holds the approval of the vast majority of the Somali people.


Indeed Puntland has succeed in its conquest to stay autonomous until a viable functioning goverment is restored in Somalia.


Puntland State of Somalia was precisely established under the pretexts that I mentioned earlier.


It is only the PSS who is flying the flag of federalism, unity, peace and prospertiy in Somalia therefore concluding that it is the only viable and realistic solution to our problems of not be able to agree on a government that is acceptal to all of Somalia's different clan's and other political entities.


The only alternative's being the separist entity of the North-West with their narrow-minded vision and dream of breaking up our beautiful nation and the anarchist south whose sole-existence is to sabotage any peace-process in Somali in order to stay in their current situation of lawlessness.


PSS is the only alternative to this two if you're a Somali nationalist.


P.S. I believe that the situation in Puntland is nearly stable as for all post-conflict nations and state's it takes a long time to be fully stable. However I believe that we're heading for the right way. Nevertheless we're Somalis and as Somalis one of our characteristics is that we're very unpredictable.

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I recently heard a group of people, mainly educators, from the very neighbouring family the live next to the so-called Puntland State, i.e. Southern Gaalkacyo tribe, are going to build a new admistration that will focus on reclaiming the city of Gaalkacyo first and then build the rest of lands that their tribe resides. This effort was underway now for one year, and the objectives is very clear, a renewed violance for territorial expansions. Puntland always claims its the true owner of Gaalkacyo city, and its rivalrying opponent is saying Puntland has taken advantage of us while we were busy in the southern parts of the country. The Gaalkacyo Airport is going to be the center of the contention between the two tribes who inhabit the region. So, I think Puntland should avoid any conflict arising from that issue from the other side if they present themselves with voilance, because the region as the center of the country has always been voilatile to wild political ambitions between these two tribes.

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Johnny B   

Wow, this was quite a reaction !!

Firstly , i´d like to appologize to bro Xiin on behalf of brother Yonis.

Yonis, bro Xiin wants only the best for YOU,It's just that he's woefully wrong about what that is,and you sure assume that he lacks the humility to accept your judgment and exercise of free will at face value, but i Assure ya , there is more in him.

secondly , i see no diffrence between Yonis´s reaction compared to the rest , except for it beeing too obvious and badly phrased, while others have practised the same defensive attitude but in a lofty and pretentious manner.

The hedgehog defence mechanism is always up and running, specially when the subject matter is an issue so dear to us,and and a perceived ill-intentioned enemy from Banadirland is on the loose.


That our biggest ethical problem today is hypocrisy is no secret. Any proposed standard, normative or descriptive, is instantly scrutinized and criticized for hypocrisy and consistency-- one could easily come to the conclusion that the measure of an idea is not if it has any merit, but whether or not it is self-consistent. that is why some reduced themselves to absurdity and come up with new terms like "puntlanization of Somalia" , but to that, I reply, "Bah!"

Actually, I just like saying, "Bah!" But in this case, it's also how I feel.


lastly , lemme go back to the subject matter.,Puntland eggs and try to strew some ideas.


I sketched my personal understanding of what is the future of Puntland state of Somalia and in the process i asked myself a number questions, some of which i shared with you in my previous post.

My vision blazed through Imponderable eventualities,I even asked myself WHO is a Puntlander but concomitantly refrained from sharing becouse of the intimidations it might impose on the house rules of this forum. Thus,i see myself casting brightness from a self-fueled pyre, so i dare say Puntland political landscape is predominantly occupied by the dying embers from the south , The few locals who made to the top are of little if any political significance.

The subClan structure of puntland is of time bomb as well as it is the Golden thread in the socio-political networks.

Puntland´s deep association and intermarriage with the TFG policies can ONLY be concieved as unholy and not appreciated by the other (to be) States of Somalia including Somaliland,for a reason that is obvious and has to do with the Persona YEY.

Some had like to see me concentrate on Puntland as the State and disregard it´s association with the TFG , but in my view that would be denying many Puntlanders a well needed glory and an association to a winning team led by col Yey .


With that i burn myself, again, Consumed by hope..... more to come..(weekend)

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^^War waxaan muu jiran yahay? Apologise on behalf of Yoonis? Yeah, you must be dreaming as usual!


Please, spare us the trash that is coming out from your "brilliant" mind. Secondly don't you know that you can't speak for others whilst they're still alive. You cannot appologise to anyone on behalf of me. You got that?


"Af joogo looma adeego", but the ill-mannered and uncivilised character within you wouldn't know that.


Savage Warlord new to cyper-space, aren't you?


If I was dead you could claim in SOL a million times that you're going to apologiese on behalf of "Yoonis" but as long as I live you will never apologise on my behalf.


BTW don't you know that we left all the glory with you.


Let the Puntlanders talk about past "glories" and live in nostoligia, apparently that's all they can do.


Besides that Puntlander's are happy to live in the "hell-hole" they're currently living at because it is better to live with the same "educated species" of you than to live with, You know what..... ill leave it to your imagination.


"Puntland's sub-clan structure is ready to explode, hmm"? Hadaan nahay dad aan garanayo: Yes!


Wallahi waxaad na tustay siduu caqligaado u shaqeeyo, and now all the cliche's have been approved to be correct.


Somalia must be liberated from the self-destruction of your people, mind you they going to extinguish if they don't get adequate help from the rest of the somalis and Internationl world community.


"Benadirland", You wish! More like No-mans land.


Muqadisho was once the most beautiful city in Somalia laakiin waxay gacanta u gashay dad wax-magarato ah.


Sub-Sub clan structureka Puntland buu ba ka hadlayaa! Kuwiisana waxay isku dilan dameerkeyga baad qashatey :D !

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Yoonis , a simple brotherly advice has brought your worst on us. What called, one would wonder, for you to be overly defensive (thought this time one could say you’re on the offence as well) on my passing suggestion? Was it ’ afgoosad ’ you said? I must’ve been wrong on my assumptions on you! Cary on, I insist, with your mulish mark as you have a peculiar style to make your entrance in to political debates.


JB , firstly, apologies accepted saaxiib, as it was a responsible move to remedy good Yoonis’s youthful indiscretion and restore some civility in to the discussion. But let that backhander from you, as I am sure you would agree, cause no weakening of strength on my critique on the thesis you penned.


But let me first call Samurai Warrior back and ask him if the challenges the land of Punt face overshadow the success it had? Can a state that operates on raw and an un-ratified constitution, have no population census, selects its members of parliament through broken and primitive tribal system, and is yet to reap the fruits of political parties show its chest and boast about political success? Has Puntland met its political milestones or has it fallen short to meet the first signpost? I await your inside, good Samurai Warrior, to shade light on these questions of mine and I would appreciate if you tend to them while having in mind that the yardstick of success is not how worse Puntland could’ve been but rather how better it could’ve done.


Now few words for my old chap JB. You seemed to have flipped the norm over its head, saaxiib. The flock of the ‘dying embers of the south’, as you put it, to Puntland and their rising prominence in its circles of power should be a success story, I thought, and a one that deserves to be marked with appreciation and gratitude. That, I am sure, is how those you categorized ‘locals’ received it. Your attempt to shade them with a blurry light and end their identity with a question mark is a cheap dent. As for your prediction to the explosive nature of the state’s sub-clan structure and its being a ticking bomb that is ready to explode smells to me as a defeatist talk. All tribal politicking is a risky business and represents unstable political structure, I agree. But what predictors have you seen to forecast such a gloomy event for Puntland’s fate? From where have you gleaned it, saaxiib?


But the Puntland’s association with the old man and its edgy security as it relates to its borders are legitimate issues that can’t be dismissed easily, I agree.

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^^I've made my postition already clear and Iam not here to repeat myself.


Whether or not I have a "peculiar" style of entering a debate is not something for you to comment on.


Iam not on the defensive nor am I unleashing a war against anyone.


You called me many things but guess what I'll forgive you because you don't seem to follow an agenda on your own.


For you to dismiss my comments as "youthful" indscretion is something out of order. I demand an apology (this is addresed to the civil-side of your conscious).


I have good manners therefore I will spare you my initial thoughts on what I thought about what you've written.


However I will not and cannot accept the "wisdom" that is coming out from you in any way or form because it seems to me being rather "cheap" comments to get yourself some pityful attention.


One should certainly practise what he preache's don't you think so Mr. Knowledable Guru of the cyper-space.


a simple brotherly advice

Spare us your advice because this is a forum where people discuss politics and not where people come for advice and guidance on their immigration status or personal issues whatsoever. I hope you got that message.


Now stick to the topic at hand. I will not further participate in this discussion and isqabqabsi. My comments are above for all to read.


I gave my share to the topic qofkii intaas wax ka badan doonaya dee agenda kale ayuu leeyahay and I refuse to be drawn into a unuseful and pityful discussion with people who don't know what they're talking about.


Like the absurd statements the mastermind of the topic has vomitted on us without any substantial evidence.


The subClan structure of puntland is of time bomb as well as it is the Golden thread in the socio-political networks.

That above quote is baseless talk without any evidence, which also does not make any sense at all. Where is your evidence like if he went there and asked the people. This whole issue is none of his business.


He can cry, pretend or simply be passive, for as he could post a million post as much as I care.

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Xiinfanin- good of you for the provocative questions. I shall come back to them in good time.


btw- is the name xiin finiin ((the stallion that pitched the late Mad Mullah against Islam Farah)) or does it have a different meaning?

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No a bad trait to think deep and through things, would not you agree?

No, mi lad…some of us, unlike most, have tight schedules that do not permit one to toss, as it were.

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Puntland is going forward like never before. Those with different agenda's will obviously disagree, but just look at what has accomplished in less then a year. Multi-million dollar airport being built (I know the doubters will say the Arabs are paying for it or Abdulahi Yusuf supporters will say the he started it), regardless it was built under this administration from scratch. Primary school teachers are being paid salaries by the government. Also, there is no civil war taking place, which was unheard of before, and Puntland showed it's own diplomacy and administrative independence from the South by swapping prisoners with Somaliland and border tension has eased considerably. Although I don’t want to open a can of worms, if you are wondering about Puntland's future, look at the oil exploration, which is taken place under Puntland's control. We all know what Geedi's stance was on it, but the outcome showed how much control over Puntland he has and most importantly that Puntlands Admin can make decision on it's own and implement them.

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Glad to see you back, good Samaria Warrior. Puntland is at the crossroads, politically speaking, and your analysis may help.


As for your question about xiinfaniin, I think you know very well about the historicity of this horse. But you suffer me say that it was not a stallion for a mad mullah, as you put it, but rather a blessed steed and a means for greater cause; a distinguished horse it really was. So much so that the verses, which great Syed composed for its departure, are immortally with us. And yes you’re right; Islaan Farah of Mudug became the eventual winner of that wonderful prize in exchange of his daughter’s hand.


Xubno toosanow neefku waa xaalad gooniyahe!


And how could I forget your mad mullah comment! Are you not from a noble blood :D ? I thought you are, my dear Samaria Warrior! Unless you prove me wrong, I must assume for now that was a slip of tongue, or a mere banter of sort, and not a serious thought.

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My dear xiinfiniin - now that a cup of well-brewed cappuccino taxed on the psyche having been on the receiving end of a lengthy transatlantic commissioning, allow me to charge in as a well-bred stallion in flipping the following verses from your previous provocative prod as I attend to the queries:


“But let me first call Samurai Warrior back and ask him if the challenges the land of Punt face overshadow the success it had?


In trying to be as succinct and factual as one could possibly be in examining the questions, one must break them into more manageable portions. Firstly, no, for I say so, ‘cos Puntland in my opinion has not had much success to speak of if one were to consider what it could have been and could have achieved as apposed to its current state and status, thusly no success to speak of in that respect. However, if one is to lower the yardstick, then success of sort it had enjoyed albeit has not peaked, thusly has a future to look forward to with the condition of its leadership realising it as such. I doubt not its leadership to be oblivious to the said, however, as a betting man I shall hold my chips close-by unless the other hand had revealed itself. Further, having seen the state in other parts of Somalia incl. the neighbouring Somaliland, and this accounts for the actualities rather than dreamy, Di Vinci-like pradisimo depictions by the ever so flaunting Somalis, I doubt Puntland has much to worry. Secondly, should one pin much hope on the general situation in Somalia where one fancies the TFG as an on-going entity that shall come of age as luck would have it, one could envisage Puntland along with other administrations might commit themselves to forward march. One sees no reason to not. Thirdly, and this is yet to be explored as plenty hinges upon Puntland’s current leadership and how it grasps the spring daffodils, one is almost certain Puntland is in its infant cycle, thusly have scores of years to mess up and mend before one could rush in to judge. And finally, judging from recent conversations I have had with top dogs within the Puntland administration I could divulge, at least for now that change is on the horizon and good days are ahead.


Having laid that to rest, let us come to the more juicy part of the query. “…Can a state that operates on raw and an un-ratified constitution, have no population census, selects its members of parliament through broken and primitive tribal system, and is yet to reap the fruits of political parties show its chest and boast about political success?†If I were of the same school of thought – the school of “tribal system is so crude and never works†– I would entertain your assertion; however as much as I wish not to burst your bubble, I do not subscribe to that school of thought. I am of the opinion, and this is supported by empirical studies in developing parts of the world that traditional, non-European methods of governance once deemed backward and non-worthy rudimentary modus operandi are proving remarkably undervalued – unless of course one is of Eurocentric inclining. As critical as population census, political parties, ratifications of transitional constitution and the like are to the execution and implementation of good governance and administrative formulae, one must not put the cart in front of the horse, hence make provisions for due course and diligence take effect. I shall leave it there for the time being, and wish to explore the subject matter with you should you exhibit any sign of interest.


Has Puntland met its political milestones or has it fallen short to meet the first signpost?â€

For this portion of the query, I shall refer you to the answer for the first question.


Catch you later,

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Samaria Warrior,


Thanks for the responses.Understanding that you’ve lowered the measure of success, I agreed with most of what you wrote.. Fair and reasonable, I say.


I must take issue, however, with one statement you made about the significance of those political benchmarks I listed.


Though I will (IA) come to it latter in a more detailed fashion, let me say this much for now; regardless whose inventions those political frameworks/milestones were, advantageous they yet remain. When one claims to be a political entity of its own, one must also appreciate what form of government that entity ought to have. And so you turned my laughter in to grief, my dear Samaria, when you declared your school of thought. Clinging to what time had deemed inadequate tool (tribal system of governance), and to that which even defeats its bogus end, signifies the political immaturity of that region. And yet you’ve given them a passing grade!


I hate to do the Somaliland vs. Puntland comparison thing, and I know it is boring, but it may be the only way to rupture this snooty pose. Somaliland achieved what Puntland did not; it met all those benchmarks I listed; and remains well positioned to roll the wheels of progress even further a head. So what caused for Puntland to fail in keeping its proportionate pace? Or more importantly, has Puntland failed to keep in pace? Good days may be ahead, but as it stands today, and from my estimation, Puntland did indeed fail to deliver in that respect, at least.


And with that, I am off to win my bread. But I will come back with more latter(IA).


See you then.

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