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Umm al_khair

Sincere advice

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Do you want an unconfused thoughts and an opened bosom and a calm soul and heart ? you have to ask allah's (pbth) forgiveness

(ask pardon of your lord and turn to him repentant , he will cause you to enjoy a fair estate) [hud 3]


do you want good and healthy body and a protection from diseases and disability ? you have to ask allah's (pbth) forgiveness

(and O people ask forgiveness of your lord then turn into him repentant he will cause the sky to rain abundance on you and will add into you strength to your strength) [hud 52]


do you want to be far away from the disasters and security from accidents and safty from problems and charms ? you have to ask allah's (pbth) forgiveness

(but allah would not punish them while thou wast with them,nor will he punish them while they seek forgiveness) [al-anfal 33]


do you want an abundance rain and pleasant offspring and an honest child and a lawful wealth and wide livelihood ? you have to ask allah's (pbth) forgiveness

(and i have said seek pardon of your lord he was ever forgiving - he will let loose the sky for you in plenteous rain - and will help you with wealth and sons and will assign unto you gardens and will assign unto you rivers)[nooh 10,11,12]


do you want an expiation of sins and an increasing in rewards and a higher rank ? you have to ask allah's (pbth) forgiveness

(and say "repentance" we will forgive you your sins and increase(reward) for the right-doers)[ al-bakarah 58]


The asking for allah's (pbth) forgiveness is your successful curement against sins and faults , thats why our prophet mohammed (pbuh) ordered us to ask allah for forgiveness forever and for always, as he said (hadith) " o people ask for allah's forgiveness and repent to him as i ask for it and repent to him 100 times aday"

and allah accept the honest seeker for forgiveness because he expiates his sins , as he says (the repentant) : o allah i have made faults and sins , i didnt give you your full rights ,i oppressed myself ,the devil beats me , my soul tempted me to the wrong way , and i depended on your wide patience and your generous forgiveness and your great mercy,And now i came as a repentant , regretful and seeker for your forgiveness . so forgive me and eliminate my lowness and my fault because i have no god except you and there is no god except you .


o allah if my sins are great ,,,,,,* so i knew that your forgiveness is greater


if there is no one seeks your forgiveness except the obedient ,,,,,,*so, from whom the criminal will seek the forgiveness ?


the only way is your satisfaction ,,,,,,* and your forgiveness and to be a muslim


in a hadith ( the one who keeps asking for forgiveness , allah (pbth) will relief his sorrows and release his troubles and provide him with subsistence from where he doesnt expect )


And from the gentle stories that there was a man who was disable to bring babies because of a certain disease and the physicians failed to cure him ,then he asked one of the scientists who told him keep seeking for the forgiveness from allah (pbth) in the morning and at the evening .as allah said " And provide you with wealth and children" [ nooh 12 ] then he kept asking for the forgiveness, then allah (pbth) gifted him with the pleasant offspring


then to every one who is worried and sad keep asking for the forgiveness of allah (pbth) because it withdraws the sadness and eliminates the grief ,As it is the curative balsam and the enough medicine

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Ms DD   

Salaam Aleykum


It is very good reminder. Truly Allah the Almighty is the most Forgiving.


A very striking example of forgiveness we find in the Qur’an in reference to the most unfortunate event of “Slander of Sayeda Aicha” (one Prophet Mohammed's wives). Some hypocrites of Madinah tried unrightfully to put dirt on her noble character. One of the slanderers turned out to be Mistah, the cousin of ‘Aicha's father Abu Bakr’s. Abu Bakr -may Allah be pleased with him- used to give financial help to this young man. After he slandered his daughter, Abu Bakr vowed not to help him any more. But Allah reminded Abu Bakr and through him all the Believers saying:


“Let not those among you who are endued with grace and amplitude of means resolve by oath against helping their kinsmen, those in want and those who migrated in the path of Allah. Let them forgive and overlook. Do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? Indeed Allah is oft-Forgiving, most Merciful.”Qur'an (24:22)


Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) came out of his home and said, “Yes, indeed, I want Allah’s forgiveness. He not only continued to help and support Mistah but he gave him more. Islam emphasises justice and punishment of the wrong doers, but it equally strongly emphasizes mercy, kindness and love. Justice, law and order are necessary for the maintenance of a social order, but there is also a need for forgiveness to heal the wounds and to restore good relations between the people.


Thus must not forget that as much as we need Allah’s forgiveness for our sins and mistakes, we must forgive those who do wrong to us.

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lol@ title of the thread..llooolll


i find that ppl who claim 2 wanna give a sincere advise r the most questionable ppl ever (nowadays)!


dont mind me ummal n canbrow, im what u need 2 straighten ur faith


(note 2self.. must change ur id back 2 Deviltriangle)

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