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Yusuf gains the support of ministers in Mogadishu + Ato?? [dayniile]

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The truth comes out ever so slowly... The talk of split within the government seem to be evaporating by the day, there seems to be a split within the facts that the warlord media reports...



Madaxweyne C/llaahi Yuusuf oo labada gole ee Muqdisho ku yeeshay wasiiro taageersan




Madaxweynaha dowladda federaalka KMG ah ee Soomaaliya C/llaahi Yuusuf ayaa xubno taageersan ku yeeshay labada gole dowladda federaalka ee ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho.


Xubnahan oo qaarkood aanan is muujin balse ku shaqeeya qaab qunyar socodnimo ah ayaa lagu arkaa goobaha ay shirarka ku qabsadaan taageerayaasha madaxweynaha & ra’isul wasaaraha, iyadoo qaarkood ay magaalada Jowhar kulamo kula soo yeesheen madaxweynaha & ra’isul wasaaraha.


Xubnaha Muqdisho jooga ee taageersan fikirka madaxweynaha & ra’isul wasaraha ayaa waxaa ka mid ah ku-xigeenka ra’isul wasaaraha ahna wasiirka arrimaha gudaha Xuseen Ceydiid, wasiirka diinta & aw-qaafta Cumar Max’ed Max’uud (Cumar Filish), wasiirka macdanta & biyaha Max’uud Salaad Nuur, wasiiru dowlaha badda & dekadaha Max’ed Jaamac (Furux), iyadoo sidoo kalena ay jiraan xildhibaano ka tirsan xubnaha labada gole oo ku fikir ah garabka dowladda federaalka ee ku sugan Jowhar.


Xuseen Ceydiid iyo Cumar Filish ayaa u tageersan garabka Jowhar ka soo horjeedidi ay ka soo horjedaan Cismaan Caato iyo muuse Suudi oo labadu kala dhaxeyso xurkuf coladeed


Nasrudiin Ceydiid Salaad (Diini)Dayniile,Muqdisho

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Cismaan Caato is never a trustworthy character. Remember, he still has the shadowy death of marxuum Gen. Max'd Farax Caydiid (alaha u naxaristo) hanging over his head.


Word is that one of Caato's construction companies has signed a contract with Col Yeey/PM Ali Ghedi to build government infrustracture in Jowhar. Then, one wonders what side is he really on?


I'll tell you raga mintidaaya:


- Yusuf Indhacade

- JVA-Seeraar/Goobaale (whoever's in charge, nowadays)

- Col. Xasan Dahir Aweys (and allied factions, self-styled Islamic courts)

- ina Deylaaf, one of Muqdisho's business elite

- Other illegal business profiteers


But they all lead back to square one: Cabdiqasim Salat Hassan. Where did the $150+ million he received from the Arab League go? He didn't build schools or hospitals. He didn't pacify Muqdisho. He dramatically changed plans to temporarily base the Carta gov't in Baydhabo and made the unilateral decision to land it in Muqdisho, face first (thereby loosing the RRA backup).


He built the most powerful financial and political network in southern Somalia. He invested in his boys (Indhacade, ina Seeraar, ina Deylaaf, etc.) to gain and maintain control of most of southern Somalia's cultivatable land. Soomaalidu waxay ku maah-maahdaa: Cagtii joogsan weydo, mar bay ceeb la kulantaa. Before it was Caato and his ilk running Muqdisho. In the 2000 era, its caruurtii Guriceel who were fantacized by stories of dominance and control. Power, they're told, comes at the barrel of the gun.


Is Cabdiqasim succeeding? Hmm...the much-publicized phantom Balcad meeting has yet to occur. We know for sure that at least for now, that strategy failed (the idea was to show the world that the TFG can't control anything since it can't even control the whole of Shabellaha Dhexe region). Time for a new strategy, Md. Cabdiqasim Salad.

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just a quick question...


Who controls who, Col. Yey or Ahmed Dheere? :D


Lets get back to reality boys.


An old philosopher once predicted late 1800s that he said in the future, three things will become obselete, I can't remember all but "Kinship" was one of them. He said, "interest" will replace "kinship".


It looks like Mogadishu warlords have transcended clanism. The future is here boys. :D

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^^^ You mean Mohamed Dheere :D Good try. The warlords days are over. Whole clans have given their support to the governmentof Somalia. As for Daylaaf, Inda Cade and co they havenever been very good on the battle front. I remember two skirmishes one between Abdiqasin clan led by Daylaf against Xuseen Aydeed and the other between Abdirashid Ilqayte and Inda Cade. In both cases Inda Cade and Daylaaf got chased out of their areas. Ilqayte even took over control of Mraka in 24 hours... So after huffing and puffing there is no power in Mogadishu or southern Somalia that can withstand an organised security foces... If they ahd power they would have taken over Jowhar.

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