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Senator Coleman writes to Frazer

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Senator Coleman of Minnesota wrote to her yesterday.

I admire the way he and Senator Feingold have taken a interest in Somalia.


Of note, he took up the issue of Ethiopian occupation of the country and calling for national inclusive talks.


Very good work on behalf of the Somali community in that state, which I believe is huge.

If only there were big Somali communities in every state.


You can see the letter he wrote to her yesterday here.

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After the TFG, this is the next most despised individual I can think off in this recent conflict.


The word's cowardise terrorist & puppet all comes to mind when in think of her, her departments actions and her repeated intervention which on various technicalities to serve the globe interests of the Washington's administration and its Neo-Con/Evangelical inspired vision for the world.


Getting the Un (US effectively) to lift the arms embargo, when illicitly funding the warlords through the CIA (the biggest and oldest terrorist organisation in the world) Failed to oust the UIC.


Intervening covertly in the war with the Ethiopian troops and the munafiqiin Somali soldiers against the UIC, and then as it to score a victory in the war against terrorism killing 77 nomads and their cattle with the Overt bombing raid on the Kenyan border.


Funding the TFG with an extra $100m to install them at all costs, Giving Ethiopia money now as reported by the NY Herald to purchase more arms from the N Koreans of all people to help replenish them to sustain a longer campaign in Mogadishu irrespective of reports of genocide occurring.




The Somali community there should highlight this to the senator Coleman when they praise this Frazier unreservedly and not mention the grave reports that have come out of Mogadishu in the last few weeks.

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