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UN to fund Ethiopians in Somalia

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^ Sheekh Shariif waxa uu noqday Siyaasi buuxa hadda marka cayartana hadda ayuu si fican ula qabsan doona ee waxyar un usii yara suga. RAg wuu yahayee dad buusan haysanine.

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Originally posted by Supremacist:

This is good news, more ethiopian peacekeepers to keep the unruly southerners(mostly al shabab hypocrites) in check.

Yes, I agree that all foreign forces in Somalia should BE under a UN if some simpleton were to suggest that this will legitimize an imaginary ethiopian "occupation", well then thats simply fearmongering by a cretinous dolt. PERIOD, end of subject.


dhulQarnayn :cool:

Republic Of California

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