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Puntland parliament approves election committee + multi-party system

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^^ How did it die? Be careful what you say now (and how you say it). We don't want Hunguri to come with all guns blazing. :D

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Heh@Che. You know what I mean. PL laughed off SL's democratic system and now they are to follow suit.


Ps, can a region hold 'presidential' elections?

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NG,Xiin, Norf waa idin samaalay dhamaan. Waar marka runta laga hadlo, Puntland has taken a good step, which has injected a positive image into the political life scheme of the state, and by far defeated those who were saying Puntland will never achieve the kick start of democracy :D . Intaas, waxaan ku diffaacayaa Tolka iyo Qaraabada....


Haddaan usoo laabto, dhinaca NG,Norf, JB iyo wixii dhinacaas iyo SL kasoo jeeda :D . Waaryaadha i dhagaysta, waxba Dimoqraadiyad iyo Barwaaqo cirka kasoo dhacday ma keenin. Let us just have a look the formation of the 3 Somali land Political parties :D They were all very exclusive to the very main arteries of the Durriyada aan jeclahay :D


(1) Udub ( was founded by Mohamad Ibrahim Egal, may Allah bless him, and its for " Oday Awal and its alliance" ) ;)


(2) Kulmiye ( was founded in "Balli-Dhiig, Taalla-Buur, Cood-Alle, and it exclusively for "Oday Jeclo and his alliance" )


(3) UCID ( was founded by mr Bidaarta Al-Xaaj Engineer Faisal A Waraabe, and its exlcusively for "Oday-Gar Xejjis" and their alliance )



Now, the question is, will Puntland beat the norm of exclusiveness and play an inclussive norm which will please people of the land of Punt. Mise toloow waxay soo waddaan sidatan :D:D


Puntland 3 political parties:


(1) Damal ( Exclusive for "Caaqil Maxmuud and its allience" Duke may become the leader)


(2)Hangool ( Exlusive for " Casoowe Maxmuud and its alliance " Farxaan Faroole may become the leader")


(3) Koore ( Exclusive for "Shaarub Maxmuud and its allience" Ajax CAdde Muuse may become the leader )


We are looking forward to seeing the answer ;) Laakiin uma malaynayo reer tolkeey inay sidaa noqon doonaan lool




Waar haddaba anigu xumaan kama wado, meelaha aan kala farsameeyey. Waxay iga tahay ( Kaftan aan Turxaan lahayn)



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