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A Sinking Nation

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Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed Writer and film-Maker Mogadishu, Somalia



by Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed




There are floods, there are wars


In blood Somalia is swimming


In poverty Somalia is drowning


And in water Somalia is sinking


Its territory is reduced to lands


It's people are in total disintegration


It is a tattered nation in great shock


And its leaders are at loggerheads


They are just like boxing gloves


Worn by various interest groups




They lost ownership of their nation


One faction sides with IGAD


The other with the Arab League


One faction says we are Africans


The other says we are Arabs


What the hell are they talking about?




Don’t they feel the pain of the Somali child?


The orphan who is loitering in the streets


With no food and proper shelter


With no education and health care


With no hope and future to look forward


Does identity matter at this stage of crisis?


Would it treat a sick baby taking his last breath?




Suppose you are an Arab what would you gain?


Suppose you are an African what would you lose?


Why bring war to your country when you can get peace?


Why fight somebody’s war inside your country?


What is wrong with you, Somali leaders?


I think your hearts are galvanized with hatred


So the only thing you understand is revenge


Or you have your mind inside your throat


So the only thing you understand is money


Or your reputation has made serious cracks on its walls


So the only thing you know is how to make speeches




Abdi-Noor Mohamed

Mogadishu, Somalia



vert true indeed

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