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Thank you Aaliya for posting


Great wadani song , wow SSC Party was one of the best masha allah


Excellent job SSC community in UAE

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my song for "SSC", it goes something like this, dddddddddd iing, ddddaaaaang, buhoodle ka so baxaaa, buhoodle ka so baxaa, baaax, baaaxda naga dayaa ooh buhoodle ka so baaxaa, wait for it wait for it....dddddddinngg, ddddaaaang, :D:D


What a joke !!


200 men in a village who are to scared to come out is what somali's classify as a movement these days,


Thank Allah that i have no political aspirations, not now or ever, because i know i would end up in hell after dealing with these somali's so i would rather stay out.


"reer miyi people of togdeer, i hope your target shooting is better you have been practising on these peoples livestock for the past few weeks now" . :D:D

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