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dedicate your good bye song to clan court

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folks.. this thread is dedicated to the your last good bye song to the clan court...what good bye bye song or words do u wanna galibi them on their way to hot hell.....!


me here is mine! check it out!!


this one is dedicated to the planet earth!!

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In contrast, the bold heads are the warlords who had terrorized the people, destroyed schools, remained an obstacle to peace and security of the country. Finally, those bold heads (warlords)were chased out of the country except few who are sheltered by their tribes in spite of their wrong doings. smile.gif

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I dedicate mine to the words of Xudeedi.


We had the freedom and we haven’t got how to do it and I hope if we succeed the good leader, may be one of them is good, if we go in the way we will be like the rest of governments. You know the history of Switzerland’s civil war and now it is one of the best in the world. I hope we will be like [that]. I hope we are going forward. We have gone to the end. Now we must come back.



Dagaalka sokeeyaha

In uu dabayaaqa yeesho

Dalkeyga maxaa u diidey,

dalkeyga maxa u diidey

Dardaar werintii abwaanka

Baroortii laga digaaye

Miyey duqeydeydu yeedhey


When I see the rest of the states, I get jealous. I want mine to be the same or more better. Unfortunately, I haven’t got it yet. These words are talking about this: why we don’t be like the rest of the humans? If we don’t believe each other, if we don’t trust, we can’t be a human. We don’t use our brain, our dignity. My tune was talking about this, very sad song and it will be remembered always. Even if we get better, it will be one of the traditional sad songs.


1960.jpg Xudeedi.

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