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A New Born

The invading President

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It´s been a 2 hard years of negotiations between conflicting intrests among the Somalis themselves and among the neighbouring countries.


The result has been a somehow accepted parliment and a president without a Capital.


The incomplete Constitution charter and the neighbours intrests are ot much of a threat ,compared to the idiocy of President Yousuf´s government.


Mr Yousuf is trying to please his masters in Adis by any means.

The gusters from Washington ,London, Cairo and last but not least from the Somali people are falling into the ears of a hateful militry man who is suffering from what is known as "Grillophopia".


Mr Yousuf has suffered alot in the hands of both Barre and USC, so we can´t blame him for beeing too depressed.

but since he coulden´t , can´t and won´t be able to beat the USC in the buttlefeilds, woulden´t it wise if he for ONCE realized that it is the USC (NOT SOMALILAAND ) that came to Nairobi to work this shaky federal union out.


I leave to the reader WHAT possibly Mr Yousuf can do to please the Ethiopians without taking them to the streets of Mogadishu.


Since A/Yusuf was ELECTED by the SELECTED Parliment the Amount of weapons running into the country has increased.


The UN is VERY concerned

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