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European backlash against Muslim Women....

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I didnt even know that this was going on....You can't help but get the feeling that there is some sort of an atheist uprising....rather than being fair and equal to everyone, they're trying to accomodate everyones interest( which i can't help but be a little suspicuous about, b/c i doubt many muslims had a say in this) and when they figured out that these interests just cant be compromised with, they disregard them altogether, and ban any type of religous display!! I can't even belive that this is happening...In Europe of all places, where Human Rights is one of their top priorities..I guess they just dont belive that this falls into that category....



ostentatious religious signs that "constitute an act of pressure, provocation, proselytism or propaganda

So what exactly did those teenagers do to fall into this category...???


As far as the questions go.....

What do you guys think of the assertion that the hijab is more a 'political symbol' than a religious one

As many have stated, we all know that unlike the actions taken by the west, Religion and politics come hand in hand... the Hijab, as Ameenah stated, " is a window to the inner you ", therefore, its a reflection of your belief, certainty, and faith....And though I;m not condeming the idea of it being used as a tool( politically), the hijab should be worn for the purposes of obeying Allah...


When it comes to decision-making processes...they are rarely ever whatever's driving these decisions beats me....well not entirely,b/c as they say, actions speak louder than words?? And the actions taken by these nations seem to be screaming something unheard by the public( or so they think)


So was this decision based solely on the idea of secularizing( if that is a word)the nation(s)?? Or was there something else behind this?...( someone is feeling threatened, and they need to come out of the closet( if i can use that phrase)..

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