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Chocolate and Honey

Are you a “ Raaliyo” in the closet?

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LOL. I know, you're teasing him. You girls do realise that he was using 'whatever' very loosely. Ilayn waa nin eh. :Dicon_razz.gif


On the topic, I don't label myself but xaajiyadaha with the stick hadith and feminists are the last people I'd take marriage advice from. In fact, my only guru is hooyo. smile.gif

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Why does the word raaliyo evoke a negative feeling on some women?


I know of lots of Raaliye men who would do anything for their women including cooking, cleaning and babysitting. I am talking about learned, responsible, married men with children who balance well career and family life. You'd see them taking the kids to the park, library or the mall. I assume these men are doing the normal things and what is expected of them. I don't think they see their women are 'getting away' with something.


Marriage has little to do with Raalinimo. It is the person that defines what raalinimo entails or the kind of marriage one is in. Waligaa ma la kulantay rag ama dumar aan wili guursan ood la yaabtay mas'uulinimadooda iyo kartidooda, mana is tiri, kii ama tii hesha nasiib badan tahay?

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"Raaliyo" means different things to different people. What's in a name anyway either you are both happy, one of you is happy and the other is patient or you go your seperate ways. Raaliyo or not.

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I mean whatever in the full sense of the word. As long as what she does does not interfere with her love for her family, as long as she doesn't sacrifice us in pursuit of that "whatever", then she can do WHATEVER she wants.

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Originally posted by chocolate & honey:

I still cant picture my husband with gloves on bent over the toilet with a brush cleaning unless I’m pregnant with twins and haven’t seen my toes in months

Oh hell I can and I DO, imana dhibto...



It is easy when someone is looking from the outside at any situation...Easy to say 'I will never do this or that or the other' when you aren't married...When you're married, you see things differently...Hell, you might even catch yourself letting things slide that you would never ever otherwise dream of inlaguugu socodsiiyo...


Raaliyo has different meanings to different folks...I always thought (as in past tense) Raaliyo was the one who cooks, cleans, looks after the kids; makes sure hubby's dinner is on the table when he gets home with the bed made and his macawis and shukumaan neatly folded on sariirta; puts the kids to bed early so he can enjoy a quiet evening at home after a long days work; doesn't complain; lets him handle the finances ( :D ); lets him go out on weekends cuz he has worked so hard during the week...


WTF! Waxaan ka tagay lee dhulkuu kusoconaayo inee seexato suusan dhulka utaaban...Yaabayee igaarka dahab maas ka suubsan yahay?


Ani xinleey aan ahay, if I am in the kitchen cooking and doing the dishes, he better be doing the laundry or cleaning the toilet... :D


But alxamdulilaah, so far, allah has blessed me with a Raaliye for a kasban...One who takes it upon himself to help me around the house, who lets me sleep in and gets up for our daughter without hesitation, who doesn't mind at all to stay home with our daughter while I go out of the house...Believe you me, sheekada faaney isku badalee hadaan sii wado... :D


Am I raaliyo though? I wouldn't say I am, but I do just as much as he does, if not more...And I don't mind doing it...Alxamdulilaah, I have my career and managing family life just fine...It isn't easy managing both while carrying another, but with his tremendous help, and patience so far so good...


Marka Raaliyada lasheego maha wax naagta ey iska dhigto, but waxa ey iyada tahay iyo waxa uu ninkeeda ka keensado...Sidoo kale, naagtana ninkeeda raxmadiisa iyo adeeciisa iyada lee ka keensan karto... ;)

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Originally posted by Adam-Zayla:




A brand new Raaliyo, 2009 model, to the first person that tells us who the famous man in the conversation above was.

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^ :D


This Thread reminded me of a Joke I read a while ago. See Below








Once upon a time,

in a land far away,

a beautiful, independent

self-assured princess

happened upon a frog as she sat,

contemplating ecological issues

on the shores of an unpolluted pond

in a verdant meadow near her castle.



The frog hopped into the princess’ lap

and said: Elegant Lady,

I was once a handsome prince,

until an evil witch cast a spell upon me.



One kiss from you, however,

and I will turn back

into the dapper, young prince that I am

and then, my sweet, we can marry

and set up housekeeping in your castle

with my mother,

where you can prepare my meals,

clean my clothes, bear my children,

and forever

feel grateful and happy doing so.



That night,

as the princess dined sumptuously

on lightly sautéed frog legs

seasoned in a white wine

and onion cream sauce,

she chuckled and thought to herself:



I don’t Fcukin’ think so!

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Some of you have so much time on your hands icon_razz.gif Seriously. :D


I don't see anything wrong with cleaning the toilet (he uses it right?). As long as he has as a pair of hands that is.


People have to do what is necessary in their life, there is no universal role.


Today I got chatted up on the bus by a four year old. :D haha. Actually this Somali father had his two sons with him on their way to see his wife who had a 3rd child at the hospital. Shopping bags, breakfast and all. He was checking the kids face, wiping them with tissue, checking their teeth and straightening their clothes. When I got on the bus the youngest one waves at me and says Hello. I smile and say hello and go and take a seat. For the next 5mins the little boy keeps tagging at his dad and pointing at me and then waving.

When they got to their stop, I was looking out the window and the little boy must have been waving, when he saw that I did not responded, he run away from his dad towards me, shouting bye, bye. His dad laughed and said waar innant miyaad kaa heeshiy. They all stayed at the bus stop waving at me till the bus moved. LOL

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