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Puntland will be the greatest gas producer these decades God willing.

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Puntland must know that this is the greatest apportunate that had God bliss to them... But since somalia is greatest failure Nation, not only the level of states ,society institution, but also collective community as a make an effective government is greatest challenge and full of frustration.


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Range Resources updates the market on US Gulf Coast interests


Dual listed oil and gas exploration company Range Resources (ASX: RRS; AIM: RRL) has announced a further update on the Company’s US Gulf Coast interests.


Despite continual heavy rains along the Texas coast, oil storage tanks and dehydration / separation equipment have been successfully installed on site. The Operator has now commenced the installation of the flow line that will connect the Smith #1 Well to the commercial sales line.


Executive Director Peter Landau said the standing water will be cleared so that the flow line can be successfully buried. Once the flow line has been completed, the final stage will be the connection to the commercial sales line.


The Company will provide further updates as the Smith well progresses towards first production.


Range has oil and gas interests in the frontier state of Puntland, Somalia, the Republic of Georgia and Texas, USA.



Range Resources Limited (“Range” or “the Company”) is an ASX (ASX: RRS RRSOA) and AIM (AIM: RRL) listed exploration Company, with its principal activity directed towards finding and delineating natural resources in the oil, gas and mineral sectors in Puntland, Somalia. Range Resources currently has a 100% interest in the sole and exclusive rights to all mineral and hydrocarbon exploration and development in the Somali state of Puntland which covers an area of approximately 100,000km2.


Puntland is believed to have all the geological requirements to become a commercial oil-producing region. Somalia, and in particular Puntland, remains one of the last under-explored countries that has a high potential for considerable reserves of hydrocarbons which can be subsequently developed for the benefit of both the people of Puntland and Range Shareholders.


The Company believes that through the generation of work and government royalties from hydrocarbon and mineral exploration and development numerous social and economic benefits will result.



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