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Mintid Farayar

The Realities of Puntland and Somaliland

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Originally posted by Cara:

If it had been the other way around, if Puntland's "president" met with the Ethiopian premier, while Somaliland's "president" met with the police chief, the spin would be:


Puntland runs to Ethiopian master for more instructions, while Somaliland president meets with regional police chief for practical security arrangements while refusing to meet with the central administration of Ethiopia, which has perpetrated terrible atrocities against the Somali people.

LoooooooooooooL....You are delight smile.gif



LoooooooooooL@Foolxume...kadaa noh





How did I miss this pic...kixkixkixkixkixkixkixkxi..LoooooooooooooL.



Following this protocol, Meles will meet with A. Yusuf and Sh. Sharif as heads of the TFG but not with Adde Muse or Faroole.

Yes, Riyaale and his forty thieves are special :Dicon_razz.gif


People never learn, you seek his respect while he massacres somalis in the Ocaden, not to mention the crimes he committed in Somali proper with the help of his loyal stooges

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