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What do you like about being women?

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daymmmm it's nice to be a woman when u get all the attention and stuff hahahaha.......but hey sometimes i hate being a woman because of all the pain we go through ......anyways after all i'm happy with my gender hahah

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Thought i give you both of advantages+disadvantage- ..........



-how we can fake to left HEAVY objects

-smelling good-NO ODOR lol

-sense of wonder



-emotions that come with it-hard-tough rockin chick lol..none of tha emotional grab lol


-stressing about every details

-menality of ours' of how a woman should knee-down

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It's great to be A woman because we are mother Earths JEWELS. We'll be mommys(inshallah I can't WAIT) and we HOLD a house FIRMLY 2GETHER. Now ain't that precious ladies.


"A woman without her man is nothing"

NOW the in me rewrites this and




"A woman, without her,man is nothing"



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Expressing emotions Wearing beautiful clothes

Being creative

Being loved by a man

Being pregnant…and being a mother

Ball gowns

Make-up :D

Women friends



I think one of the most wonderful things about being women is how many choices we have. We can be soft and feminine; we can be strong and assertive; we can be mothers, workers, artists; we can feel deeply and weep without anyone questioning us. We can even be giggly and silly.


Also, women can hug and touch and hold hands. Most men swat each other on the behind, sock each other in the arm, or if they do hug, it’s a quick, stiff embrace with a slap on the back, signaling it’s over.




Job discriminatioN

Having to wait for men to make the first move

Getting old

Being judged by my appearance

Feeling insecure about my body


Being considered the weaker sex

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Lets me skip to what i dont like about being a Women.........

  • I dont like being judged day in day out.

  • I dont like the emotions and mood swings that we suffer from.

  • I dont like they way we are viewed and treated in Somali culture.

  • I dont like the fact that their are different set of rules for men and women in the Somali families.

  • i dont like the belief that women have to show their bodies to be someone or make it in life.

  • I esp dont like the roles women have to take on in their lives like 'Cook and Cleaner' aswell as their natural role of 'Student,Mother,Professional,Worker' etc...

Hey dont get me wrong and all i love being a women but someone had to say all this!

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