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MINYARO (Second wife)

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I like the message




Unfelt she was as she seeps in

Interrupts the calm unwittingly

She marches with force to a feeble soul

Odorless she is and yet intense

Intoxicating in ways I will never know

She steals his soul he surrenders

His mind I skip grudgingly


The yearning for her dulls my essence

My mystique and admired scent an ascertained void

I attempt a notice, I revamp some more

He won’t look my way for she has a hold

The rivalry in tow tires my soul

Should I not be the one he serenades?

Instead, it is she, he intoxicates


I retreat in defeat as I toss and turn

I wonder and wonder his where about

I am forced to take my sadness to bed

She lingers through insomnic nights

I find myself in vie with her

The silver lining visible no more

My inner voice warns to wig

Callous she is this vile Minyaro


I try and try to no avail

Obliged I am to the overthrow

No amount of love will bring him back

His senses parted to mystery

Feverish he is to all around

The spectacle of me is foul to him

My loving stare is envisaged evil

Imaginary others in the room

I see none I confess to him


He all but ceases to me and all

He is sinister and seethes as I ask why

Where is the money for the child’s milk?

What has taken over my beloved one?

Has the evil eye fallen on us?

The air is full of her return

The cycle of evil in arrival


The wrath of her return upon us again

This evil minyaro

The slayer of families

The lover for men

The ruin to society


By Yasmeen Maxmuud,

Contributing editor,


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^Never hate the woman, hate him always :mad: .


Even if she went after him, he should have loyalty.


So personally i have no issues with the minyaro :D .

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One man who went for Minyaro once told me , you get the real service when there is second and competition starts :D


Minyaro Rocks ;)

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^^^i can understand that, in fact if i were a man that would be the third reason i'd marry another ;)

:first being she cant reproduce

:she is not capable of being a good wife(in the eyes of society and religion as well as to your eyes)


call me evil if u will, but i stand strong.

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Muunad so you don't have a problem with Minyaro if you were an aging wife. In the U.S some women I have seen have had no problems with Minyaro even though everything about it is kept within and between the family. They also bear fictitious names as to misguide and beat the welfare system if the husband don't work or the IRS records

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If it comes with all that baggage then she shouldn't of became a minyaro.


Talk about having your cake and eating it too yet having the audacity to complain about its taste if it's not to your liking. Akhas.


lool. Sorry. I was having an "Oprah" moment. Ah but the poem in general made me laugh. Good stuff walee.

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