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New Prime Minister for Somalia

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Well Oodweyne, I base my opinion on the world leaders that Somalia's Presidents meet. Permanent Security Council members such as, Obama, Sarkozy, Brown, offical state visits to China. (I dont need to bring out pics) What other reason would they be given full protocol? I base this on the ability that the TFG has on bringing in a new fresh person to the head. Sure one man one vote would be most essential, but it back fired in the your enclave where the same man has remained in power. There was a great wave of hope when he was first elected into office, but look at this current campaign, it's quiet.


The appeal that the TFG has on the internationally community is it's ability to have it's leaders step down quietly when it's their time to go. Something NW Somalia has never been able to do.

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Originally posted by NGONGE:

^^ I think Sh Sharif wanted to sack him a year ago but wuu ka xishoonayay.


Oo ma gabdhay kala qabaan? Xishoonayey ku lahaa! :D

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The president shall choose another prime minister and he will in turn build a new cabinet. At least this is a step in the right direction: a parliarment with some power! :D


Respect to Madoobe for standing down peacefully.

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Oodweyne, I agree that the TFG has been ineffective, but the reason NW Somalia has been more stable has to do more with the fact that one dominant group controls the place, where as with the TFG it is a mixture of many (but thats a whole different argument.)


Basically what you are saying in a sense is that the TFG is being rewarded for it's lawlessness because of the fear other countries have that it will fall in the hands of a violent group. And on the other hand NW Somalia is being punished in for it's stability because there is no such threat of them being taken over! That might be true, but what I am saying is that Riyaale staying in Office long after his term expired has shown that your government is not as effective as you want people to believe. The fact that TFG's leaders come and go is one positive note they have. Do you agree that Riyaale extended stay given your enclave a black eye? My only point in all this is that don't think that these changes in leadership is completely negative, in a sense it does help Somalia.


I personally don't think the international community cares much about that fear of "Jihadist transnational incorporated", if you even look at the whole piracy problems there is little talk about actually change the situation on land.


I give credit where it is due, and Abdullahi Yusuf definitely brought Somalia back into the international community like no leader since the civil war. He had long standing ties with certain African and Arab countries that he was able to use to his advantage and open doors to other nations. Sheik Sharif had some momentum with the whole former rebel leader turned president.


He is becoming a disappointment, however he can be easily changed! NW Somalia has shown that it has difficutly in this department.


Anyways that all I have to say.

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Originally posted by Oodweyne:

Mr. Thankful


I think, you really are missing the point in here,
my friend
, particularly when it comes ascertaining to as to why the international community have decided, at least from the get-go, not allow Somalia to become,
“an empty space”
); which was by way of always guaranteeing that some sort of
“nominal legitimacy”
should be given to who ever says that they rule Somalia at any given time (
even if it's a fictitious argument, as most of the international community knows it in their heart-of-heart, indeed


And, furthermore, in so far
Col. Yey
is concern, contrary to what you may have read it on the news portal (
particularly of the clannish kind
), all he did was basically continue where his predecessor by the name of
Mr. AbdiQasim Salad Boy
, have left it. And that is
with a begging bowl, and making sure to be including in
“any photo opportunity”
that is going in any given international gatherings, indeed.


So, you see,
my friend
, he was
will full guard-of-honour with paraphernalia of State visit, does not really make a political substance of the kind, that
in the proper sense of that word
) are measured on, indeed.


And, finally, in so far as
Mr. Rayale
is concern, you may not know this, but all of that delaying or postponing elections time-table (
which on the face of it is rather unfortunate
) will really be insignificant, when and if, a proper election of that office gets to be held within Somaliland, in due course.


And furthermore, it will be like a day light to the darkness of the night, at least, if you compare it to the sort of
“musical chair”
of a political change-over that happens in Somalia, regularly.


And, of course, this method of political change-over, in which Somalia became famous for it, is seriously akin to that old tired formula that was known as that of a
“Mr. Buggin's turn”
as the
"old English saying"
that used to define the notion of a politically-speaking the
had it, indeed... :rolleyes:


So, I think, we are not talking about the same thing in here,
my friend




Haven't been around this forum but I still find your way of glorifying "Somaliland" and ridiculing Somalia (and in essence, albeit you coyly disguise it, somalis) to be utterly amusing. I can't help but see the, at times, rhetorical similarity between, the so called Somalilanders and their make-believe territory with that of the Israelis and their plot of land. The Siad Barre war against the NW Somali rebels have become the Holocaust of a certain group up north which later simply morphed into modern day Somaliland. Minus the blessings of the US and the entire international community that is.


As far as photo opportunity goes, those occurances

remain a standing event in the somaliland presidency repertoire as well, and this seemlessly without any tangible progress for the people and "country" said president represents.


Somaliland prides itself in having established peace and "democracy" but lets get real. Unless were talking about that very somali type of democracy, namely tolka-democracy, you guys are doing nothing but bluffing the world to go colonial for a change and sector up the nation of Somalia. And the world is calling your bluff. Since secessionists are a particularly narrowminded breed of specimen, functioning solely with dicotomized variables in sight (recognize/dont recognize, my peaceful tribe/those other savage tribes - also callled George W. Bush-rhetorics), the world has simply resorted to entertaining them with continuous, never-ending "meetings" with ambassadors and other diplomats. Who in turn are greeted by the noble, peaceful, democratic Somaliland political leadership in plastic-covered couches much like the ones in the livingrooms of that film "Don't be a menace to society".


Somaliland can start dissing somali politics when the region is doing more than handing out land to arabian princes to erect humble abodes.

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Oodweyne haven't you heard? Brevity is the soul of wit. Said by some William something ages ago. Since you mainly produce nothing but fictional short stories and poetry (albeit of the rather boring type) I thought you should take note, till next time.


You really didn't need to stick to the Israel-analogy for that long but since you obviously felt that it was worthy of that riotious reply of yours heres a bit more to up your ispirito; you see if i'm not mistaken the brits where what one could define as the delivering mid-wife of your "countries" name, that so profusely and utterly confusing name of Somaliland. And the active supporters of this idea, this wretched idea, this colonial divide-and-conquer remnant of sectoring up Somalia, are none other than the inhabitants, with certain tribalistic incentives, residing in that area of NW Somalia. Had it not been for that, no such phony calls for slicing up Somalia would have come to pass and continue to be entertained in its existence, in the post-Siad Barre-bombing era,indeed .


Getting down to the heart of the matter, lets take a look at the achievements of the glorious democratic nation of Somaliland over the last 20 years: what is the state of the public health system? is there any form of social security or functioning wide-spread private insurances? Is there even a public transport system available in Hargeisa or Oodweyne? How about literacy levels (rural and urban), women and childrens welfare, female genital mutilation?

Why isn't Somaliland a tiger economy, seeing how its been a democracy for the last 20 years? Don't blame it on lack of international recognition or that Siad Barre had messed things up for you. It would be akin to accepting somalis to use Al-Shabab, Ethiopia and interclan warfare as an excuse to the state of the country.


So while Somalia perfected "murderous skulduggery" over the last 20 yers, what exactly has Somaliland done? Enacting a "Lords Upper House" consisting of elders called guurti? And would it be too far-flung to believe that plurality of this guurti consists of the various sub-clans and family-clans of a certain tribe, known for residing up north? And as the icing on the cake your president (who keeps extending hsi seat, in the name of democracy I guess) is one of the highest paid officials in the world (with a humble abode in Dubai, hinting at his conviction of Somalilands excellence). All of a sudden, Somaliland politicians photo-shoots don't seem so much an auxiliary exercise as a pivotal, vacuum-filling and central theme of the false show called Somaliland Democracy.


I am by no means a supporter of the clownish leaders of modern day Somalia. But despite this murderous lawlessness telecoms and money transfers function. Restaurants and shops as well. I'm pointing out these trivialities because their much the same things that Hargeisa or any other city in "Somaliland" got going for them. Only that your government (majority tribe) secured peace (bribable police that still keep up some sort of resemblance to protect and serve). And this, my friend, is what you're persistingly calling practicing democracy in Somaliland.


Lastly, if you can somehow predict the future governance of Somalia vs. Somaliland, seeing how unpredictable such a task would be (forget millions of years, 10 years ahead is a better number) you should quit doing whatever your doing and join Goldman Sachs instead. Help them do "Gods work" :D

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