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UN Human Rights Chief Urges Investigation

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16 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

Alot of revisionist,  war dadkii noolaa baa jooga dheh, SNM was 100% defeated in North,the credit of dethroning Siyad goes to USC, and uprising from Mogadishu.


How can it be hundred percent defeated when it was in much control afweyne was by 1989 called the major of Mogadishu and who was doing the fighting then in that year remember  the usc was only formed. In 1989 . It was snm that did the bulk of the fighting  and defeated the regime and over threw it  credit goes to snm alone for atleast 90 percent the whole usc was a wing of the snm. Until they splijt off and formed their clan rebel movement in 1989. One of  its major founding father was a deputy snm chairpersons during mujahid abdulilqadi koosaar during 1983 until 1984. The snm did it all guerella warfare hijacking ship and airplanes  it was them that Ignated the civil war that started on 27 may 1988.. dagaalki sokeeye wuxu bilaabmay xiliga 


guusha ya leh snm

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