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Waxa hore loo yidhi naanaysi been uma baxdo...


He first started the marathon in the 1988 war in Hargeisa, when the SNM chased him out... he earned the nick name Cabdi Bille. the speed he at which he ran was unbelievable... lol


He came to Mogadishu for about 2 years and then the USC forces led by Gen. Caydiid chased him out all the way near the Kenyan border...


Eventually he came back to Kismaayo and then he was chased out by the JVA forces in 1999...


In 2004, the most shameful of things happened to him and his forces... they were literally ranover by the powerfull coalition JVA.



Last sighting of Morgan, he was in a hospital in Niarobi hiding from the public. But he fled the hospital when the media people found out his whereabout... loooooooool


born to run, this coward.



Hadaad dhimato Geeridu marbay nolosha dhaantaa!!!

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