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Our Somalia (revised)

by Safi Abdi

Saturday, July 16, 2005




There is a place right here in my heart,

nourished within me everywhere I go.

The cool sands of Hamar tickling

my toes out of every cry or moan,

Sunshine replicated

in the mirrors of the river Shabelle.

The grand mountains of Bari and Sheekh…

what a feast for the hungry…but then...

what better panorama has Mother Earth on offer?

I nourish within me these scenes of my land...

Children at play carefree in their soil

I supplicate for the whole body:






Flora and fauna

And "us" the people, Muslim, wholesome,

not the pieces thrown here and there.

I pray for the whole body blessed,

unified in the name of Allah,

having no wish for any sickly pie, dispersed,

handed down to divide, disgrace.

I cherish the term “we†the collective “usâ€

Not “i†or “theyâ€.

I dream of the milky white Ari of "our" land

The dazzling speech of “our†moon

North and South, East and West,

Sky is the limit

Our geel to graze, proud, majestic,

a free herd,

coming home everywhere they gaze:

Lascanood and Hargeisa

Bandar Qaasim and Borame

Marca, Kismayo and Berbera.

Everywhere we turn

sweet scents of uunsi and ‘anbar

Let that be our jaawi.

Bid you all farewell to this fire of hell

Pray for unity O you with the pen

May the pens be dipped in the springs of Baidabo.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Copyright . Safi Abdi 2005



Picture: A statue of a Somali nationalist/poet (Mohamed Abdille Hassan) who fought the British colonials in the North. Like much of Hamar (Mogadishu) this landmark too was slaughtered on the altar of man’s greed. To get a glimpse of what really went wrong your welcome to check out my book"Offspring of Paradiseâ€.

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