How low, evil and inhuman Somali leaders could go.

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This week on my way to work, I put the dial on the local CBC news hour to listen the " World Report" early in the morning. THe lead story in the news was a report from CBC veteran and foreign correspondent Margaret Evans sending her dispatch from Dollow, Ethiopia just across the border from Somali Dollow. She explained the plight of people leaving Al-shbaab controlled area to seek help across the border.

Almost every day, the international media, the UN Security Council and the world is talking about 3 million Somalis on the edge of starving. There is a huge billboard in the highway here in my town where Care Canada is advertising for donations with pictures of Somali wowen with clouful " Shalmado. Yet, no Somali leader is talking about this.

Rather than seek help and fundraise for the famine hit Somalia, they go to a lavish wedding in neighboring country and enjoy while the world is watching. If they were moral and decent people they would have fundraised at the wedding and donate the money to the needy.

Waar ma sanad la qooqo ayaa la joogaa.

Why the wedding of former criminal and a gang who was deputized by his clans more important than millions of Somalis. We are in a war and famine (Col iyo Abaar) plus the Europe sponsored chaos of the " Gender laws" in the parliament. Furthermore, they go to Djibouti and chat with useless foundation wasting money for few parasites who couldn't gain employment any where else. 

This actions alone would have impeached this president.

Waar iimaanka Ilaahay idinka qaadye Ummadda gaajaysan ee colka iyo Abaaru haleeleen u gargaara.

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