Today I....

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^^^ It's not yet Eid?? :D


Today I lost my Flash Memory, it contains ALL MY SECRETS and its 8 giga size :mad:


(Deep breath) luckily coz I put a small label on it with my mobile number, a real honest muslim called me on my mobile and returned it to me. How nice !!


Hint: (My sister devilish thought): He could copied all the contents??!!!.


Moi: Nah, I protected all the docs/sheets/ppts with password :D

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I just found out my former roommate and cousin die Today, I never got to ask for her forgiveness for all those evil jokes I played on her. :( May Allah forgive me, May Allah SWT make her suffering her reward and grant her paradise. For a 26year old she sure suffered a lot. :(

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