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As'salamu aleykum...

Bro even though you want naseeha (advice) do you think your wife would be happy about you discussing your marriage matters on SOL? Aallahu allam!

Firstable the best marriage and the best love is the one that happens for the sake of Allaah subhanaAllaah'ta'aala, no doubt about that.


But yeaa i would like to throw my two cents in inshaAllaah, make sure you and your wife have memorised your rights over one another.. if not here are the rights...

1Wifies rights over the husband:

2Feeds her when he feeds himself

3Clothes her


Is kind to her, shows love and affection, careing, compassionate and playful, preventing jelousy hatred or rancour

3)Provides in general



Gives quality time

5)Sexual gratification

6) Has the right not to be taken from her family (Unless he fears evil from their company influencing her)


Should keep her family name


Provides a seperate place if he marries another wife


Should not speak ill of her in absence spreak household secrets speak about her at all in general and gossip


Has the right to a khula


Cannot have sex on her mensus or on her stomache

Husbands rights:


DObedience in that which is good, halal, and in accordance with the book and the sunnah.


Does not allow people in the house he is not pleased with


Does not missappropriate his money


Guards his property in absence


She must educate his children


Gives him children if wanted


Maintains the household


(master of the household, basically what she says goes as long as its not on contrary with the book and the sunnah)

Does not speak ill of him in his absence, spread household secrets or gossip or speak about him at all in general.


Sexual gratification.


Should ask permission to leave the house


Should not fast voluntary, or sunnah prayer without his permission.

Rights to divorce, talaq.


yeaa,, this is All you need Quraan wa sunnah and these rights

tell her Ittiqullah, and also you fear Allaah as we all should...

I hope this helps


May Allâh increase our Taq'wa, Îman, Ihsân and Ikhlas, Allâh huma amîn. May

we be loyal to our Creator no matter what the circumstance, Ameen.

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