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I sent a comment on a news article posted on their website today. Some of you might have seen it. The main passage this article carried was an advice being given to the Ethiopian government not to worsen the situation in Somalia and that she has to keep her troops within her recognized borders. If you happen to be one of these who visited today and read the news articles and the fellow-up comments submitted by readers, what will make you remember this particular article is the claim made by the first person who commented on it. He/she said he/she was a Somali Ethiopian.


I submitted a fellow-up comment in which I urged all caring Somalis to unite under the banner of UICs and wage war on the trespassing Tigrean troops, and that we should never let them withdraw unscathed. I said this is an opportunity to settle score with our natural enemy because the world community knows that they are the transgressors invading a neighbor and that they are engaged in killing, raping and robbing our citizens. I asked myself what would Somalis lose if they fight against this invading enemy at this time since Somalis are already in middle of destruction (nin qoyani biyo iskama dhowr). That was my line of argument. In essence, teach them a lesson so that they will never come back, and they will never interfere again the internal affairs of Somalis. I do not know if’s uncle is the ambassador of TFG in Addis but the news article and the fellow-up comments are de-posted i.e. deleted. Any theories out there about why would they do that? I thought they run a respected Somali website. By the way my comment was the last one posted. Today=31July2006.

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Thanks Nayruus for your burning patriotism but just eliminating the invading Itobiyas handful army won’t bring the long lasting solution for Soomaliya because in Itobiya the army is the largest employer which sucks the largest budget of the country, beside the country is now the second largest populated country in Africa with the growth rate of 2.5 millions per year. On the hand the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

The key issue that will bring the sustainable peace, is the unification of occupied Soomaliya part to its mother land.

Itobiyas unity is fake unity only by the will of gun and this fake unity due its size may look like strong like a glass but it’s easily broken-able too. The day it’s broken, that is, no power on the world can mend it together the broken and scattered pieces.

Just think that Itobiya like former Yugoslavian empire and:

Soomaliya zone like Solvonia,

Oromiya zone like Croatia,

Afar zone like Macedonia,

South ppl zone like Bosnia,

Tigray zone like Montenegro,

Amxar zone like Serbia.


What did Slovenia do inorder to secure its independent?

What did Croatia do inorder to make easy their struggle and how could they have humiliated the almighty Yugoslavia army?


Don forget that only amxar and tigray are who consider themselves Itobiyans and besides the tigray may go the Montenegro way the moment the dominance and interests are jeopardised.




Good fences makes good neigbours.

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Tigranya is the only old fashioned empire that her Orthodox Church is stuck in the mud of backwardness and oppression of races that do not want to be part of what European imperialists created on the African continent in the 19th century, the so-called Ethiopia. If the Ethiopian Orthodox Church doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee, the unnecessary death and destruction brought by man-made initiatives or by Mother Nature will not stop visiting the horn of Africa in the foreseeable future. It is given and we have seen it throughout human history that no particular race can subjugate other races and rule them by the barrel of gun forever. While the rest of the world is educating their children in science and technology to improve the standard of living of their citizens, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is teaching them how to kill other races to keep together an empire that has no place in the 21st century and that will dismantle eventually.

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