Tplf & Al sheydaan terror groups news and update.

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3 hours ago, galbeedi said:

Congratulations for the people of Hiiraan. This effort must  be sustained.

Sucessful war is about logistics and keeping the momentum.

I am worried about the day after. 1991 in Xamar is burned into my mind. A precious moment was lost cuz power hungry men and clan militias. There needs a plane to demobilize the clan militias after the war.

This war does prove one thing. Macawisley and American and Turkish trained boys can beat AS and the need for ATMIS is suspect. Remember, contributing countries were trying to renegotiate the security agreement that was to seem them leave in two years.

Troops are now amassing in Dhuusomareeb in order to attack Ceelbuur and go all to the coast ending Xaradheere

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