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Tsunami and the Nuclear wastes in Somalia

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We sit here and do nothing while out country is destroyed and our people devastated... Tell my brothas and sisters.. what did education do for us? If it can't help us defend our country and our people I don't want its use is....


Read this... I think we all ought to know what is happening in our country:


A United Nations' report released this week says nuclear and hazardous wastes dumped on Somalia's shores had been scattered by the recent Asian tsunami and are now infecting Somalis in coastal areas.


A spokesman for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Nick Nuttall, told VOA that for the past 15 years or so, European companies and others have used Somalia as a dumping ground for a wide array of nuclear and hazardous wastes.


"There's uranium radioactive waste, there's leads, there's heavy metals like cadmium and mercury, there's industrial wastes, and there's hospital wastes, chemical wastes, you name it,†he said. “It's not rocket science to know why they're doing it because of the instability there."


Mr. Nuttall said, on average, it cost European companies $2.50 per ton to dump the wastes on Somalia's beaches rather than $250 a ton to dispose of the wastes in Europe.


He said the Asian tsunami dislodged and smashed open the drums, barrels, and other containers, spreading the contaminants as far away as 10 or more kilometers inland.


Mr. Nuttall said it is impossible to know the exact tonnage or number of containers of wastes on Somalia's shores, but that the problem, in his words, "is very serious."


The results of the contamination on coastal populations, Mr. Nuttall says, have been disastrous.


"These problems range from acute respiratory infections to dry, heavy coughing, mouth bleedings, abdominal hemorrhages, what they described as unusual skin chemical reactions,†he noted. “So there's a whole variety of ailments that people are reporting from these villages where we had a chance to look. We need to go much further and farther in finding out the real scale of this problem."Â


The tsunami's effects on Somalia were detailed in a report the United Nations Environment Program released this week at its governing council meeting in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.


The report described the effects of the late-December tsunami, which killed up to 300,000 people in 11 countries. It says the massive waves dislodged hazardous materials in countries throughout the region and recommended that governments preserve natural resources and restrict or ban development in vulnerable areas.


According to the report, hazardous wastes in Somalia have also contaminated some groundwater areas there.


The dumping of hazardous and nuclear wastes onto Somalia's coastline is a long-running concern. In a media report last year, Somali fisherman said they saw foreign vessels dropping containers onto the beach and pollution into the waters.


Somali officials said the country was vulnerable to illegal dumping, as Africa's longest coastline is not patrolled and the country has no coast guards, or health officials and facilities to test whatever is inside the containers.


Until late last year, Somalia had been without an effective central government since 1991, when then-leader Siad Barre was ousted. The new transitional government is in the process of moving to the capital Mogadishu from its current base in Kenya

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So, sad such a serious mater is going astry. And what saddened me the most is, those very people, the ignorant,dummies and stupiiiide warlords who allowed such a dengerious radioactive weste to be dumped right in there back yard, are now our so call leaders!!! :mad: how cheap you can get than that? Let me stop my calacal and move on..What can we do here? I guess we can send our grievance to IAEA.



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Somalia: The Traffic Which Kills: Radioactive Waste (Nuclear Waste), Toxic Refuse, Weapons, and Laundering of Dirty Money.


by Alberto Chiara and Luciano Scalettari


(Translated from Italian into English by Dr. Yusuf O. Samatar)


The African country was a hostage to the warlords for the last 8 years, and was targeted by the Mafia and is now a crossroad of every illicit affair. This observation was made under the secret service in the shadow of the intelligence services.


On November 12, 2003 in Mogadishu, the pilot went pale and said: “Nothing can be done, even if you give me a hundred thousand dollarsâ€, in fact the tip, which we had received in London was a tremendous.


Aldo Anghessa, a chartering personage who has been arrested and put on trial several times now collaborates with the Italian Secret Service, added new dimensions and particulars to the project, which is code-named “The Island of the Saltâ€. It is also located at a place which is commonly called the Peninsula of Hafun in the district of Bosaso – uninhabited, the area is predominantly sandy, and is accessible only by sea and is where they selected as a principle site of the project.


There is a preliminary document in this regard, which concludes the report. The activities involved are soliciting the creation of the project, selecting the points of observation and requirements for anti-aircraft, heavy guns for eventual controls from a long distance. The only problem at the moment is lack of visibility for all airplanes. Today, parts of mid-Central Somalia and the north of the country are added in the list of deposits.


The deposit at the north of Obbia is operative for a year now, says the Pilot. “The place is under surveillance day and night. Foreigners, not the Somalis, guard the area. “Leave it alone, go back to Italyâ€, says the Pilot. Also there is someone in the southern Somalia which is the lower Juba region who attempted to organize a deposit of nuclear material a couple of years ago.


“Some foreign firms contacted us in Nairobiâ€, declared Gen. Hersi Morgan, who controls Kismayu. “They wanted a piece of land to install toxic refuse and Radio-active materials in my territory†but I have refused, says General Morgan.


The project “Island of Salt†is the tip of the iceberg, of the more disturbing level of a planetary problem as a draining away of a nuclear radio active waste, residues of a dangerous industrial production. The rich countries produce enormous quantities of industrial waste, but only one part treats or respects laws.



The system duly equipped to produce these materials, have other economic burdens. To drain out correctly solid urban refuse in Italy today cost 15-450 liras per kilo. To drain dangerous refuses according to the category, it may go from 1000-10,000 liras per kg, explains Massimo Scalia, President of a parliamentary commission of enquiry on the cycle of refuse on the illicit activities connected to it.


The organized criminality demonstrated itself. They are always more interested to administer this business which ensures a good income and causes little risk for them from the moment that the violations are committed.


According to believable estimates, the illicit traffic of refuse fetches only (in the case of Italy) nearly 6,000,000,000 billion liras, often barrels and cisterns are sent to the foreign countries. The final destinations are selected with accuracy.


It has been reported obviously that the countries devastated by civil war are easy targets for these obnoxious activities of depositing nuclear wastes. It is also reported that accessibility to obtain a piece of land can be done in exchange of supply of weapons and adequate financing to the contending parts in their struggle. In 1987, a project was started in Milan and Rome, which was defined as “Urano†involving the burial of great quantities of industrial toxic noxious refuse in three localities within the Sahara desert. Elio Sachetto signed the August 5, 1987 protocol, for the company ‘minera rio de ora’. Lusciano Spada signed on behalf of Instrumag-ag Company, in order to promote “Urano†(In Italy, in Europe, in Africa). Guido Garalli, 54 years, who, according to investigations, works indifferently with documents of Italian identities, Somali or territorial authority of Sahara and loves to present himself as “Gay Souleyman Rinaldi.†In the documents, all stamped “classifiedâ€, done in the full respect of the laws of the countries, and of the norms sanctioned by the international law. Among the materials whose transportation is planned are also anti-parasiteries, galvanic paths or nitric acid and textual, “remains of medicines†as well as refuse with unknown composition.


At the end of 1980s, when Siyad Barre regime faced crisis, the attention of those who traffic nuclear waste was focused on Somalia. This nation becomes an appetizing prey for those interested in the affair of depositing nuclear waste as it breaks up in the civil war era. The conversations in the meeting places converge or focus on the possibility of development of the project “URANOâ€.


To the already known part, as we remember, draining away of the refuse of toxic industrial noxious wastes (ndr) to the premises of UNIP, witnessed the alarm caused at Hargeisa by the arrival of 31,000 litres of absolute pesticide.


The UNIP, following the multiplication of the signals, trusts an investigation on the camp to Mahdi Gedi Qayad, former Professor of Chemistry at the University of Mogadishu and its consultant. The mission begun on May 10th and terminated 8th June 1997 (its job) the final report (UNIP has rejected its long existence.


The Christian family has been able to have a copy of the report. It reveals interviews and elements of suspicion. Two episodes are more relevant.....“The death of an intoxicated Somali fisherman, was linked to a content found in a bag at the beach of Brava, the document with a photo and a video of a cistern, 6m long, on the coast between Ige and Mareeg, 300km to the North of Mogadishu. The letter was a confidential and it was signed on June 24, 1992 in Nairobi by Guido Gerali, Edzio Scaglioni, 37-year old Italian, born in Piemonte, Alessandria, who was once an Honorary Consul of Somalia and Gian Karlo Moroccino, a 56-year old Italian, who used to reside in Somalia since 1984.


In August and September of the same year Mustapha Tolba, former Secretary-General of UNIP, the UN agency, which is concerned with environmental protection, launched the alarm that “Italian companies are discharging toxic refuse in Somaliaâ€. He also said that he could not mention names as this could put the lives of many people in danger. Thanks to the public demonstrations, clamorous, as it is reliable or authoritative. The business seems to be fading away, Steven Weber of the Swiss Branch of green peace, today reveals, “it is not so, that operation has surely seen three ships full of refuse reach gulf of Edenâ€. On 8th September 1992, a telefax stamped “confidential†was transmitted to Nairobi. One of the 10 witnesses accompanied them in the trip to Somalia. Consent to draft a long list of disposal locations were identified as sites for highly dangerous nuclear waste disposal with every probability in the last ten years. As moved towards South, among the areas suspected to be the sites for the deposits are towns like Jamame, around Kismayu, the vicinity of Merca, the “bog†or the Marshland where Shabelle river ends, the area called kilometer 50 which is between Merca and the capital, Mogadishu.


And yet, “the Mogadishu area, (in Aug 96 the interim president Ali Mahdi authorizes with a decree to Ezio Scaglaone to create, a drainage plant of toxic refuse in the locality of Eel-baraf) War-sheik located to the north of the capital. According to Gen. Morgan in 1992, the area was found to be the site where the nuclear refuse was burnt. The coast to the north of Mogadishu is where numerous clandestine deposits could have been excavated. Finally, a series of underground deposits were discovered at Jowhar, along the major road of Garowe, Bossaso, in the desolate highlands between Sanag Region and Bari Region in the Northeast. This has been done in order to conceal the truth or to silence the issue. Also some discharges have been done in the sea, far away from the signals of the fishermen.


“Impossible to survey is the 3300km coast of Somaliaâ€, Khalifa Omar Darma of UNIP laments in Nairobi. One of our top objectives for 1998, is proper struggle against the illegal discharge of toxic refuse in the Somali water, by the ships of foreign societies.


The effects of prolonged pollution in the territory will manifest itself soon. Strange sicknesses hit mankind and animals. Four years ago, for example, a physician signals at Merca, an excessive number of tumors to the tongue, to the throat, the rectum and a lot of cases of neo natal malformations. The symptoms of the effect of the chemical waste have no comparison. No one then knows what is the end of the UN investigation of the United Nations on the two mysterious explosions heard on 5-7th December 1995 in the regions of Sanag, Berbera and Sool in the Northern Somalia. In the successive days, many people experienced difficult respiratory problems and diarrhea. Some children died in January 1997, on the coast between Mudug and Nugal regions after having drunk the conserved water in drums found on the beach.


Some people developed acute pains in the abdomen. They have hemorrhage in the stomach and mouth. Many died, some after being transported to MSF Hospital, analogous episode is verified from the Allenle village (in Galgudud region) in August of this year 2003.


Between January – February 1998 in the Lower Shabelle south Somalia) people speak of 10 deaths caused by unspecified fever hemorrhage. Last June a suspected fever hit the area of War-sheik and appeared in Adale village and Run-mirgood. In June 22nd 1998 the Achyan press agency analysis on a study undertaken by an Algerian Khadem Amoudi, according to which the high mortality of Camels in Somalia caused by the discharge of the American Nuclear refuse in the deserts of the Horn of Africa. On June 15th another dispatch of the Libyan News Agency, reports news of a similar epidemic in the Baidoa area, which involves thousands of persons with tenths of victims at Seyid Hellow and Buulo Barako.


On the plane, which transported us from Merca on 28th October, to Nairobi, a Doctor named Pirko Heinnonen, of UNICEF told us that, “In a citadel west of Baidoa where she has been to recently†had heard a new epidemic disease of unknown nature, which claimed victims. At least 120 deaths in two months said, Dr. P.H. of UNICEF that the symptoms are high fever, trembling of all body parts, hemorrhage through the nose, the gums, etc.


Where does the refuse come from? The offices of the Attorneys of Asti and Torre Annunziata are concluding the laborious investigations on the involvement of the Italian firms, about eventual link up between secret services and magistrates, in collaboration with ex-agents. Also involved are confidantes of “Sismi†on the footsteps of dirty money, for example, the dinars of Libya, under the currency embargo or those of the Kuwaitis robbed from the Iraqis following the invasion of 1990.


Good gains and little risks:


Alberto Chiara and Lusciano Scalettari The reason for this investigation:


Famiglia Cristiana always follows with attention the many mysterious happenings, which are wrapped around Somalia, a country, which in the last two decades was exposed to all kinds of threats. From scandals to tangents of the co-operation of several clandestine groups, to the more diverse illicit commerce from the suspected homicides as that of Bishop of Mogadishu,


Mos. Salvatore Colombo, of the journalist Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, to the brutal violence committed even by the military contingents of UN-organizations.


Only in the course of this year, two inquiries have already been published (on number 8 of March 4th and on number 15 of April). “Try to go 10km to north of the city of Obbia and 5km from the coast. There exists a deposit of refuses, which are highly toxic, probably radioactive to our request to fly over this zone our interlocutor, accepts to accompany us to the northern zones of Somalia, reacts with surprise as the boys draw down their guns. There is a cube in a cemented


area of 30m per site of which, inside are heavy items. I know that inside the high cylinders are some bottlesâ€.


The deposit to the north of Obbia could be one of those provided by the project. “Island of Saltâ€, studied with the aim of locating and equipped, to isolate and defend the places were to transport nuclear materials, with effect from the 2nd half of the year 1980s, Americans and French have evaluated the feasibility study of the operation, lastly giving the green light. Confided at Rome by a source that requested to remain unanimous.


Working on the camp, our envoys have met other colleagues engaged to put light on traffics of weapons and of refuses, as well as on the footsteps of dirty money. It has so far not brought any additional news or any small benefits to the Christian family Barbera Carazzolo, Albert Chaira and Luciano Scalettari together with Francesco Carcano (Italian-Swiss TV), David Demichelis, (freelance journalist), Anderea Di-Stefano, (gruppo Espresso, Republica), Angelo


Ferrari, (actually to the agi), Gian Carlo Fortunato, (photo reporter) and Raffaele Masto (Radio populare).


Some weeks ago, divided into two groups, some of these people went to Somalia, stopping at Berbera, Bossaso, Buroa, Hargeisa, Mogadishu, Merca and Kismayo.


The cistern arrived and the people became sick:


A cistern 6m long carroded by the salt water, and a broken barrel surfaced along the coast. The photos belong to Trousseau who attached an image of the cistern to the report of Mahdi Gedi Qayad a consultant of UNIP, the UN agency that engages itself to defend the environment. To verify the existence of illegal discharges of noxious toxic substances, Mahdi Gedi Qayad lecturer of Chemistry, from May 10th to June 8th 1997 has made accurate investigations along the Somali Coast.


The above mentioned cistern in particular has been photographed on the beach between Ige-Mereeg, 350km to the north of Mog “many local people said that a similar cistern has been discharged in the sea not far from thereâ€, it can be read in the report.


“Some fishermen lamented improvised allergies attributable to a paint and other strange symptomsâ€




In this document, there are some enigmatic questions that any one who reads it may pose to ask. These questions are:


1. The developed countries which offered to finance the Somali National Reconciliation Conference in Kenya with no mandate to be either the mediators or the decision-makers, are putting “the cart in front of the horseâ€, and are making blackmail.


2. Egypt, Libya and some of the Arab countries are supporting blindly those who do not want the rule of law and governance to take effect in Somalia, and who are profiteers of the anarchy, civil war and are afraid of being taken to international court, as a result of their violation of human rights. There is also the Nile water problem between Ethiopia and Egypt, which Somalia has no right to meddle.


3. In view of the above-mentioned realities, one asks him/herself whether the so-called developed countries (IPF) have the intention of re-colonizing Somalia and the rest of the 3rd world, or keep this country as a hostage until the process of dumping toxic nuclear wastes or refuse is completed, rendering the country as a spot of death of both animals and human beings or the Eco-system.


4. Is it a rivalry between the two giants, EU and the US, where the Somali people are the first pawns, which are being played upon?


5. Or is it a game being played by NGOs using greedy and unpatriotic Somali individuals to derail the peace process for their own selfish interests?


6. It is a stated common factor that Somali groups and the international Mafia were means of brokerage for the burial of toxic materials and nuclear waste in Somalia.


7. As we know the Somali National Reconciliation Conference in Kenya has been going on for the last one-year and several months, while it could take a maximum of 4 months only. The pace of the conference was continuously hindered or sabotaged by both the profiteers of the present situation in Somalia, and some members of the international community. Or it is true as has been mentioned by different personalities that the facilitators are not sincerely interested partly or generally to the restoration of a Somali State.


8. The same people of the developed world have created the evil, aids and spread that this evil came from Africa. The majority of such evil people to deviate the world public opinion sustain that it is as a result of copulation between human beings and beasts. At least in our world no one had ever heard similar love affairs between animals and human beings, but it may be a privilege prerogative, which is particular for the non-colonized civilized people.


9. Everybody can easily understand that it is a result of experiment that could not at least be stopped since this time. No one can predict beside the extermination of the population of the countries that are victims of that toxic and nuclear waste, what will be in the future, the destiny of the humanity as a consequence of this poisoning noxious waste.


10. Already a good number of scholars are taking legal actions against slavery and colonization and we don’t know what steps will be taken in the coming times, against the spreading of aids and nuclear and other chemical wastes. Time will tell us if those who are claiming to be civilized are really civilized and worse salvages that the nature has delivered.


11. In the pages of history, of course not in the remote past are full of the horrors, which took place at Nagasaki and Hiroshima where humanity has suffered real distraction killing hundreds of thousands and leaving others deeply traumatized.


This document was extracted from on 11/12/2003


Translated from Italian into English by Dr. Yusuf O. Samatar



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