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Building a strong Islamic society

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Ameenah, That is indeed a good policy.

and I could n't agree more.




Ninka yiri sinnaan mayno,

Adna buri sarreyntiisa

Maxaa dhalada kaa saaray?

Sedka waw sinnaydeene

Ma sagaashan baa tiisu?

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"Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One" thats how we can educate one another about Islam and thus build up a strong Islamic Community.


Most Somalis are today described as "Contemporary Muslims". The country which was once 100% Islamic State, where the Islamic Judicial System was in place is now infiltrated by murderers, rapists, christians and many somalis now preachign and spreading Christianity in full swing. If we want to build an Islami Society, then we must start with our own!


To-day somalia is filled with wine cellars, brothels and postitution centres, while almost 20% females were/are subject to rape and abduction. Is that Islamic? and yet we call ourselves an "Islamic State" May Allah lift this curse from our people and guide us to the right Path! Amiin Ya Rabb!

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Inshallah Amiin Raganimo


But allah advised and warned us as muslims that he will not change our condition until we as a people try to do so first sincerely.

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