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Amina daughter of Nikatau

Should Girls Make The First Move??

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Originally posted by chubacka:

^hahaha, great read Siren, but am serioulsy would you pursue a guy so earnestly?

And bearing in mind one of the conditions for the "campaign"
is that it has to be successful do you tink suffocating him would be the right approach.


I agree with you if a guy seems amazingly right for you in everyway (and no, not the one every other girl in the neighbourhood has a crush on) then it would be a shame not to somehow show you are interested but in a more subtle way I would say, although this will have to be imaginative and might take as much military planning as the full onslaught you outlined.


Either way is v. brave and the guy has to be completely worth your time and effort.


Happy (tactful) pursuing!

LOL-Chubaka- honesty now why not? In truth I haven’t found or met anyone I would shamelessly pursue as I have stated but I’m sure not ruling out a military campaign just yet. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing yourself and worth doing well.


Why should a lady be silly enough to just wait for her prince charming to fall into her lap when she has eyes, ears and hands of her own? I’m not disabled nor am I ruled by illogical notions of a false sense of pride. If I see something I like I’ll seduce whoever I need to get it. :D


If however, my take no prisoners campaign is met with a suffocating sense of resistant then I shall up the tempo so that the husband to be in question is so disorientated that he’d do just about anything just to get me to stop howling at the bottom of his window every night, that includes marrying me.


(Tries not to laugh)


-Hell I'd do it just for the fun of it. Plus I'd like to see if I can pull it off. I'm not very subtle and I'm not an emotional individual and I'm cold harsh and bitter as ice-but-I take pride in a challenge. This one would be one

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^ I feel sorry for the poor man already you crazy woman! icon_razz.gif


hahaha@ howling, it might be easier to kidnap him dear until he agrees to the full terms and conditions of your proposed mariage.

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