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Prez HSM Arrives in Eritrea

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7 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

Thank you Eritrea 🇪🇷 


Let's hope the President put these boys to good use, something worth of their sacrifice and time away from their families. May they serve their people and country honorable.

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5 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

Thank you Eritrea

Politically corrupt Somalis are parroting what Matt Bryden is saying. According to them yesterday they were deployed to Tigray war and today they are hostages to Eritrea..

They say Qatar promised to pay Eritrea, but when TPLF was toppled and Abiy got close to UAE , especially during the gulf blockade, Qatar withdraw its peace keeping forces that it deployed between Djibouti and Eritrea, it stopped its flights to Asmara and so forth. There are nations that want strong Somalia in horn and others who want to keep us down, and if we don't know the deference woe to us.


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