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Behind the Veil: A Muslim Woman Speaks Out (LIES)

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Hi, thanks instinct it ( finally)...

As I understood it she's actually telling the truth...but at the same time she is mixing some facts...I don't think her intention is to set Islam on the spot...rather the Muslim behavior...I wont know much about those sexual abusing she's talking about...maybe they happen and maybe they don't...but other than that I think she said the truth about Muslims today, many of our Muslim sisters are deprived their rights and that by Muslim men...Islam of course cannot be accused we mustn't forget Islam was first at giving the woman her rights...


Many of the problems our ummah face is the lack of true Islam, the lack of Islamic knowledge. many are Muslim by name maybe the perform their salahts and fast etc...but most often they don't know of the reason.....Many of the Muslim men and women don't read the prophets (saw) sira...and follow his example.


This woman don't have faith.. that you can see only by reading what's said...but besides that she brings fort many of the problems the Muslim sisters face.....


so I think we should not sit her and condemn her or deadlyvision said she's not the worst....we should instead use what she said and change our unislamic behavior and adapt to our life our prophets (saw) blessed example..

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If all things she said are true,then she should be cheered...if not then there is no reason to make threats.but am afraid she hit a nerv that is why she is being targeted,we must not fucus and confuse ourselves to the product of our own wrong doing,why was she tortured at age five,why did she had to flee her country.all male inflicted pains,then we must let her enjoy her freedom,earned and provided by responsible men.

The truth is that as muslims we always like to critisize the people who say their suffering,but we never take blame and some times accept wrong doing.there will be never a solution to our domestic problems unless ann GAREESANO.and we call for reconcilliation in every aspect.A lady speaking out,is only half of the problem,where the thousands who are starving to death,civil wars,and the orphans who we financed the deaths of their parents..

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