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This is for my SOMALI KINGS!!!!

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This is for my somali kings/

To let you know that Starlight is gonna be the first one that brings/

Love through these wings/

I know that you have been Hurt before/

Maybe from the war/ might call the somali QUEEN a whore/

Call her that for what she Did and how she made your heart sore/

But hold on for a sec/

Let me improvise use this Tech/

To give you a feedback from Stocktown to Quebec/

I know that you have been hurt been in pain and strife/

But just know that I LOVE YOU more then life/

I wouldnt hesitate for a sec to be your wife/

In battle for you i would take the knife/

Lot of things are said about you/

But not the true things are ever heard about you/

The bad things are always pointed out/

But people never know what y'all are about/

Your God's best creation without a doubt/

I can't imagine a life where YOU i'm without/

With you no man i can compare/

Y'all dont even breath the same amount of air/

As i look in your eyes, your lips, your hair/

To everything you wear/

I can help but to stare/

I never want you to share/

Oh God's best creation/

Birthed out of the best Nation/

I look at you with admiration/

Envy your Sensation/

When every girl looks at you with Temptation/

She definetly feels the foundation/

My somali kings as i this reveal/

Y'all got sex apeal/

Your my ideal/

Something that can't be concealed/

A life without you ain't real/

SO in order for me to know how you feel/

Mend the broken hearts and help you heal/


I gotta know the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Lovely poem.Lol girl u gonna enlarge thier ego.But they are the best, the good ones that is.




[This message has been edited by Isra (edited 12-15-2001).]

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