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Somali recruits in Eritrea

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Wa run tababarkooda wax Dhamada oo la dhamaystiro ba maha it takes years tuulo ay ka xoreyn ka raan shabaab majirto I mean u get all the training equipment but some youth chase u

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MMA, sometimes official news are offical while sometimes the official news are dubious. Regarding the eritrean "somali armty in asmara the news are complicated and the bitter truth behind this news is baffling and somewhat bizarre and shocking.

Farmaajo and his crew literally wanted hijack the the small history of the federal somali republic.I dont not know. Did he get power crazy or did not he trust the defacto clan militias that make the federal somali armt in Mogadishu and who are majority from the southern Somalia aka not gedo. According to my un-official inside news Farmaajo asked the khabiith, the dictator and opressesor of muslims in Eritrea Cafewrki to include eritrean soldiers in Amisom and train 15 000 somali troops. 


Farmaajo dazzled by the cermonies of being a president and being receiced as one forgot that his federal republic of Somalia is a countrey or a republic on life support and healing from a 30 year long civil war.  Anyways cash-strapped Eritrea with no dollars in the communis african north korean state saw the oppurtinity in this. Millions of dollars for a 20 000 Eritrean troops in Mogadishu and that would be happily obliged the obey farmajo through cafwerki. The CIA and the western powers who created the little red-book for Somali leaders to follow called "the road map" and Turkey saw the dangerous outcome of this.  The turkish intelligence together with the cia directly adviced farmaajo but to  he simply did not want to listen. He thought he would be re-elected and the the re-election would give him the legitimacy to forcefully capture Mogadishu.


The story goes on. Do you remember when the horn african ambassador to Somalia met with Cafwerki in Khartoum?  A defentive  choice was given to the eritreans. The sanctions that the americans lifted would re-intruduced if an eritrean soldier set foot in Somalia. Afwerki who 7 years ago surviced a coup attempt dumped farmaajo and the idea of eritrean army roaming the in the streets of Mogadishu. The power balance would have shifted if the eritreans came and we would probably have had seen a civil war. The lack of definitive power-booster to either side is what is making Somalia slowly healing. The neutrality of Amisom is sacred  and its not non-interference in Somali politics is whats keeping the federal government together and stopping Somalia going back to the 30 years of regressive civil war.

Now begs the pardon, Why did Farmaajo hide that a Somali army was being trained in Asmara?  The anwer is obvious.  But whats more dangerous, imagine the guy gettting elected and having EPLF roaming the streets and taking informal orders from Farmaajo? That would be end for the self healing fragile state we are going through.  By the way? Did you guys know that 15 000 strong Somali community that solely compromise of  small clan related Mohamed Siyaad Barre  thrives in Asmara?. Most of red berets hailed from this.

A side note. Remember when Farmaajo almost called civil war and army refused to take his orders during his couop attempt?  The presidential advisors, 80 years olds from the Barre time called Amisom generals 20 times and tried to frame the legitamate opposition as Al-shabaab. While the fat african generals took their bribes they never breached the the non-interference code and simply answerd "they are nor al-shabaab and our mandate is cleary not to interfere internal somali politics.


Farmaajo was a populist, a man who grew up with the nomenclatura of Barres clan-regime. He never saw the ugly civil war. He and people like him literally belive that they and only they are Somalia in its abstract form.  Imagine if the guy would have been elected again.  Unlike HSM who lived through the evil days dark days of the 25 years of post Barre civil war,  He understands who fragile Somalia is.    Farmaajo made one good thing, and its that he did not stray away from our alliance with Turkey and Qatar.



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