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I'm back...

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I'm back,all this time been behind ya like ya spine..

Rhyme,got no reason bite I'm unique and odd like nine

fine,add one and make me ten,I'm perfectly center pinpoint pen

than,talents shared,Oh you flattered,don't mind instincts pockets been fatter

from sharing my aptitude and serving it hot on a platter

kindly friended the mayor,called it fantastiK and thats what they had for dinner...

Sorry didn't mean to brag,just had to be proud of that..

infact,I'm up for change,08' up for grasp Obama or Chelsea's Moma??

Either or,I'm tired of the political drama,

flip the coin both are out to harm ya

Demo' or Repo both ain't yours

blood guts and glory however it pours

the suffer is cancerous like smokers skin pores

no way to heal the suffered is still poors

Why you think Africa houses all deceases and no cures?


No, really think outside the box..

Our kind was meant to be locked in the box..

slaved minds,colonized societies,blackness is doomed.finally the turtle out smart the fox

descendants of cush left in the bushes

invincible shackles,gaped the bridges,neighbors lynching, deceived and left in burned trenches..

People of verbal history finally silenced and begotten mystery...

dazed and confused,blame game is on..

who's side you on??

does it matter?Born as puppet,Who really is on the rank?

You or the word bank?

Big brother been here and Orwell knew it all way before 1984,

5 men rule the world..

Damn Shame, it was all a game,




Hi everyone been a while since i write sincere.

But i'm glad i'm still here with a sane mind...

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