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Come to think of it

Am sick of it

Sticking fit


My common sence is sick

My logic is like a light-switch

On and Off like my :rolleyes:

Core bit upwords to the orbit



One-i-Wonder, my new world order

Red'Line the worlds boarder

It's been written...and it ain't on my rhyme folder

S.O.L soldier with a DeadlyVision

Am Btchin itchin' to scartch my GUN

Go Bazerk and have FUN

Imagine this with a beat SoN

Hotter than a Djiboutian under the SUN


Push the button Go'on Bush

Splatter a bladder Mr.Laden

I won't blush when am set to have ur blood out to Gush

Suicidal with a Video Note


I got that Instatant UBB Code



Imagine me Mail a Bail

End it with the ITALIC CODE

Am bad as Broke

Your sad as Joke

I wrote this just to provoke

Am done like my last stoke!

And you froze like the end of a stroke....



Don't ask me what all that means

Am clueless as ya'all....







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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W.hen eye wonder like Stevie

H.ome sweet home my instincts receive me

E.xtravagantly,surpasses the anticipated ability

N.ormally, i cypher into the abyss mind absorbs immunity


E.levated dignity,to compose unexpected vigilant agilty

Y.ou are now freed from synergy, pose silent till you sick of me

E.xercised thoughts, that begotten after craved energy,passing herbal divinity through my lungs


W.ishes demeanor,clouded mind still appear alive and meaner..

O.perate leaner, respond faster than FEMA in katrina

N.evertheless,I manifest the best of my interest

D.eal or not, my medicine is best when it comes to stress,aptitude is censorious

E.lsewhere, misery corrupted, reason to treason

R.enegade, I stand out, like Mohawk in mosque



Wlc Back..


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I've been trapped I've been stabbed

Perfect Reason for me Being Packed

G' never been jacked and I plans not to

Money buys love and many things, so I got to

Have my pockets soak, no more being broke as a joke

Now I can take that extra toke on my Bob Marley stoke


It's Cash if I ain't making it I'm taking it

Bring Brinks and am Rapping it

Doe floe flow cash am shaping wit'

Check out my formation; your just faking it


Roaming in Africa

Loving all my Girls Africans

Left yet never been Gone

But thanks Bud am Back!

Still got that stainless steel, some call it a Gun

Instinct tell these boiz No Snitch Don't Snitch

Talking 'bout he went DaDaWay, him and some son

Mask from the fame and the sun


Got damn I gotta be the One

They set to setup in a dark ally

leave me all wet up

But I ain't never lonely got a gun on me

So what it BANG' with Homey?!

One Eye Wonder when am Under 6feet is Lonely!


One Eye Wonder is why I mind bug

DV the New World Order thug

Tail the FEDs stalk the Police

Threat the Judge this what the criminal code is

Walk and Live; Talk and Die...

This you never notice

always guilty on some hocus-pocus

All my brothers losing focus

Working like them old fashion motors


Keep ya' head up snoop the Law

See what u find in her bra

You got the right to bla'bla



Instinct.Poet do what it do


Keep bliss







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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I.ndiscriminately,I am at top of my game,lamers pow down when ya'll here my name... I


S.till got it D.V! like Dr.Dre

T.olerance,unnecessary for this copy and paste thugs I callz them my prey

I. urge you,those of you who lack the mastery

L.earn from the best in verbal archery,hence the shyt is mockery

L.ooks obvious,ya'll ABC suffered polio, weak rhymes need support from the joints below


G.oing agianst grain?big mistake

O.riginal literature scripture spitters, Instinct & D.V

T.aking back what is owed.


I.t's said, arduous behaviors causes hatred for take this

T.ogether, We *Bomb *Over *Bagdad,and puke before we post for the damned.Now bag-that.

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One Day We Will Rule The World


One World One God One Leader

One Heater

One Speaker and that Nas song wasn't about Just


He was just adjusting to one MIGHT

Powerful Poems remain trapped in my Dome

Close to Instinct, see you when u get there I be backHome

And if they lock u b4 u get there,

give me a call soon as they let you use the Phone

One Shower One Meal get Ready For Bail~

Organized Minds like us never remain in Jail~


It's money that rules the World and cash is my Girl

Transfer is my profession; so ama wire you the doe in a curl

Duke don't Worry

No fear we pushing bush to a different story

CNN this, see how their Ends End!

Am confident in Minneapolis we popping them

Am from Here, anywhere am right there

Check me in Times Squar when the ball drops

It's a must someone blares and someone Pops


I got it all figured it's all about the figures

Get the green and get a team of working triggers

No remorse get protected by natural born killers

One Eye Wonders

Explode your New World Orders

If-You-See-Kay your Boarders!!!!!!








None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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