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Deeq A.

Biden plan “undermines” the Somali Security Reforms

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Deeq A.   

The President of the United States Joe Biden today authorised the deployment of more than 400 troops to Somalia as a part of counterterrorism efforts against Al-shabaab. Trump administration discontinued the presence of American troops on the Somali soil.
President Donald Trump is remembered for being critical of “costly US interventions” but his stance of troop withdrawal was opposed by the former US defence secretary Mark Esper.

At the time when capabilities of the Somali National Army are improving , the decision to deploy troops one day after Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the former Somalia President was elected, may be interpreted as a strategy to prevent security vacuum following the departure of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed whose term in office resulted in strong relationship between the executive branch and armed forces due to successful security reform conducted in 2019.

Six years ago, the President-elect, then President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, went on record for urging soldiers to accept $100 for salary or seek another employment. In 2016 donors criticised the Somali Army for being less effective than regional forces.

The timing of the deployment sends the message that the American government mistakenly adopted a policy that undermines the President-elect. “It should have consulted the new administration when it has taken office” said a journalist in Mogadishu.

“The troops will continue their training and advisory roles as well as help to turn intelligence into counterterrorism operations and help prepare for offensive missions to dislodge al-Shabaab from their positions” Bloomberg quoted a Pentagon official as saying. The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) provides core security assistance for the Federal Government of Somalia whose forces have undergone remarkable reforms and are preparing to take over from ATMIS when its mandate comes to an end.

Yesterday, Somalia held delayed presidential elections. The President-elect will appoint a Prime Minister who will form a new government after consultations with political stakeholders.

A. F. Bullaleh

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