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Is there a gap –between poetry and rap?

‘Cause I blab through while I take a nap,

Culture misguided –in America

Guns are provided –in Africa

This is a poetry Addict –writing at it with bandit,

I’m so sick of Politics –I vomit –like chronic,

Isn’t ironic –the way I rhombic in Ebonics?

Sweetie, are you here for the fame?

Don’t blame me, if I don’t know your name,

If you didn’t ‘lend a hand’, than you’re not in my brain!

It’s trouble-free,

Because I’m simply –unsatisfied with the worlds conspiracy,


Who changes the verses in the Bible every Sunday?

Is it the Priest or is there an Author you pay?

Isn’t the life –of the Christ meant to be –a journey and not a theory?

Why is 89% percent –of the Bible hostile to Women?

I thought Eve was respected and loved by Adam!

It’s against my believe –to hate and deceive those with no wisdom,

If my religion –is the truth, WHICH I STAND!

Here I am, (a woman) to make you understand (man!)

That no man can rule –Without a woman sitting next to his stool.

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Hey I'm a new guy in this forum, and this is the first piece of poetry I've seen so far. But Wallahi, you can write. You probably hear that all the time anyway, are you feminist? ~Sonomadic- peace and prosperity. Slm

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