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Beautify the inner side of life?

Having five kids and a loving wife,

Hard working man, whose duty, is to strive,

Build a healthy future for his kids to picture,

Give his kids the lecture of what they beholds is a treasure,

To capture the nature however not to harm,

But to open their arms to keep it warm,

(Boys)Teach life but don’t teach violence,

(Girls)Teach beauty but also teach confidence,

Acknowledge that ‘silence’ is authority,

Respect those who deserve your integrity,

To get respect back in honesty,

The distance of love is far from hatred,

The distance of hate is close to desperate – (to be loved)

Humans are never satisfied with their own needs,

We feed the greed while the poor need to eat!

Why despise my tribe when I dislike dispute,

The negativity I dilute so I keep it mute,

Through pain we gain dilution,

Fusion –between you and me,

The inner beauty for others to sense and see, positively,

The purpose why I wrote this, is for you to realize,

That life is more than what psychologist can hypnotize,

Not idolize those who victimize but to keep life in ease,

God please, I’m bowing down on my knees,

Let those peeps in Middle East live in peace,

Africa is dying of Malaria with no medication to heal,

If I had one wish, Africa would know how full stomach feels,

Why is it different when John kills, his religion is unknown?

And when Hussein commits suicide bombing, Islam is so quick shown?

I know life is unpredictable, unexplainable, but ********* is discreditable!

If ninety percent believes –we’re from Adam and Eve,

Why mislead and deceive the innocent into grief?

Why would one lie to make another cry?

Why oh why?

Oh I’m just a Poet to make another know it,

That my shidh is not a quote –from a white male,

But a –Somali black female,

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"If I had one wish, Africa would know how full stomach feels"


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful: I digged the whole poem.

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Thanks Intellectual Poet, now I can see why I rarely post to the poetry section, for all of you here simply humble the poor old Bishy, with your words. So I will standby, and simply enjoy all you talented kids, with just an occasional cheer on behalf of your great many fans.


Good one. smile.gif

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