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I'm Innoncent

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I'm Innocent


I compose –war I oppose –hate of politics I suppose,

Conflicts, love, and life I prose,

Hypothetically I speak, with a mind that leaks,

I bleed through the sheet, to recite my needs,

Addiction, contradiction with the world’s confliction,

I don’t write my poetry for the seek of attention, it’s an abrasion of compulsion,

A little obsession and infatuation for writing my sentiment in public,

I predict –rhymes like a psychic,

Isn’t it ironic –how anarchic people are septic –with hate?

Love-peace in religion and race would put politics into fate,

Scale from one to ten, what would be my rate? I wonder!

But whatever –no matter –I evaluate –I’m upper than what you’re under,

My intellect is bigger –than an alcoholics gutter,

I’m not for dictators but I’m a bit bitter like Hitler,

I battle –right in the center like the gladiator,

Why is it --

I’m guilty of a crime I haven’t committed?

I am a bit too harsh on the politics, I admitted,

But I submit my concept in caution,

It’s a dedication to precision, prevision –provided by me!

I’m innocent until proven guilty.

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So clearly sum’d up – the hate within us all – I heard this line while back


‘today I saw an apple on my head, and there was blood on my hands’ that is Somalia – we carry our qabil on our heads, while we shed blood for the sake of it.


Well composed poem – you might want to consider it for mass publication.

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