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All Free-Bases

Dealing with screw faces

Living like Elmo tickle me through court cases

Love to see me holdin' No-King-No'Queen Just A's

Nothin' Personal am Racist*

Like Young'Weezi not Young'Jeezy am soo Gutter-Gutter

From the Gutter

Be the sharpest cutter

Am the knife in the butter

Doing life like a wife this is my trash'latter

Let you how we aught2be, live a life of poetry


Bring The Old Back To New...

Who'eva' knew?

She'd *** after I wifed her

Only heard not to make a *** a house wife

Sickly I liked her!

Switch play, murder fo'da cause of life

She had me like a Biker

No plastic smiles I giggle 'n kill

Send a thrill down ya'spine Yea'got da chill

I sling Yo'4real, Bring'Daugh more dan Phareal

Am foe on real

Slow in still

Lowing steel

Glowin' more dan da boldness of Dr.Phill

Am set to ill, Moving on Deadly I vision No-Frill-


Old as time young as the moment

Ask me am the Trueman

On lies I got no comment

Am Saddam when am BomBing!

So controvertial am Common!

Wars in Gear

Foe are Near

Am comming, to distruct in Fear*

My soldier be here*

To gush you out of da bush, leave yo'Hearts in Tear!

Told you my Soldier are Here*

Sleepless we blasting from da Rear-

Spinich the Spanish..Broken their English*



Glog I, buck ya'cock'eye

Duck high, never luck try

I fox sly

Smooth as Operator...

Smoothest Operator...










None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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O-u noe

Am all fo' da deo

Swingin'da FoFour

Bustin' in da door

Foes on da floor

Hardcore on games I score

Take u on a nook tour

O'z keep my black book pure

Sickin' da cure

O-not knowin' 'm fo'sure

Rather be blood I purr

Than 2die poor

No I won't die poor

Got da knowledge to creat ma'own brochure

I be success, put ma'life on it jus'2 presure

No PReSsUre!

O'G am da signature!


Rhyme from work 2home


On some Xisbi entertainment Shhhh





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i digged that first one..

good onez..prob's for dat alwayz.



......How i missed spending time in here,..

Got no luxury to spare with ya'll no'more...

My luv goes to all ya'll...


one...Deep Versatalist(DV)

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