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Lyrical Release.

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I lick up lakes

and abate debates

as momentum translates into rhythm..


All my skills I pit them

against mentalities that be like

stick em

ha hah

stick em

cause my youth Im trying to pick em



Life is ruff and tuff

and stacked up against all of us

derelict delinquents dine from dawn to dusk

if your a jaat joe

a chin check is a must..


I gots a lust

for metaphors

unlocking coridors

in the center of the cerebral core..


I'll insert some ill adverbs on your nerves

to put your reality on a slant

and make you search for daylight like ramp..


My stamp of approval

might sound unusual

and I don't want to lose yall

but I got the call of the wild

that's why bufflo's stampeding

is my greeting..


I set my sight on defeating

the devil with words

with no deleting

and I still have to worry about him cheating

and trying to rearrange my seating..


Sometimes when you get caught sleeping

you slept your last sleep

cause percussions of repercussions cut deep

and on da ill creep

comes the grim reap

so don't play reality cheap....

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Not much intrest in lyrical relaese,see is

much of a tention release as my peace fall in piece

feeling alot like his-story told over til it bored me

threw me off course see

blinded eye (I) like sand force see before i can foresee what

what made my people divorce see the'culture and the way of nomad before he colonized me..

I'm not as nice as before see anger has risen inside me.

And now...


2b con-tin-new..



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Lyrical release..

I conform with greed..

Eccentric views..

Splurting not water but green figs..

Sharp thorns scratching..

This mind eleviating..

Hidden motive abiding..

Rules changing..

Lyricist cringing..

With mind boggling..

Jibes throw in..

He says pits

I say shyt


Clashing metaphor

Shining like gold

Greek methology who wrote if not rogues ..

Trading Lyrics wrapping it tight like gloves

Throwing this Lyrical release in turmoil..

Mine is a poetic story not like those in Vogue

Glamourizing obscenities senidng posts

House to house moving like a roach

Feeding on which that doesnt belong


This lyrical release ...

Running like sugar through fingers - how lush..

Thurst quenched with no need...

Breathing momentarily - shuush...

Falling into dreams...

Sleeping plush...

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