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been missing you

been wrecklessly busy

beyond the boundaries of my being

I guess you could say I was losing my

mind...time had me cornered

threatening me with sweeping

hands and striking chords

that struck every minute...

It's amazing that I'm still here...


I haven't been able to stroke you

play with you ...have that menage tois

with our other friend in quite sometime.

I've been neglecting you for too long

now I'm ready to hold you again and begin

making love, joy, harmony, and be happy with

you 'til each shard of light exits the world

and I sit in the dark...then all i'll be able to do

is part my thoughts and grease in between

the lines so our copulation is comfortable


been missing you so long that another child

I knew was murdered...

nephew **** near died and I wanted to strike

my own mortal blow.... and more kids

are on the verge to fight another man's

war again...for what?


I've heard you calling my name

beyond the cranial chaos and confusion

the wind of the springtime is here /



thank you...

my pen...


I've been missing you for a while

and it's so good to feel you again.

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Welcome back my brother NIN_NOOL, we MISSED you a lot while you were missing your pen. Keep them coming and keep spreading the wisdom in your pen. May Peace Be With You.


Peace,Love & Unity.

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